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Guan Yu

In China, dedicated to Confucius, Confucian Temple Wensheng There are many in the past have this kind of construction in various cities. The sheer number of Wu Sheng Guan temple, far more than the text of the Holy Temple. Once the Qing Dynasty, Beijing only one place, Leroy neiman brooklyn bridge there Kuanmiao 116. Moreover, the construction scale of some Kuanmiao also far exceeded the Confucius Temple. It is said that Guan Gong is a culture; Some also say that Guan Gong is a spiritual one. Otherwise, why in China and overseas have so many off the temple.

In all domestic Kuanmiao building, has the best preserved of the five or six: Kuan Lin Luoyang, Henan, Hubei, when Yang Guan Ling,leroy neiman rocky prints Jingzhou temple, temple Baling Bridge Xuchang, Henan, Shanxi Guan Yu Chang Ping Guan Di hometown Temple and so on. The largest and most magnificent momentum, is located in Shanxi Yuncheng City State temple, and it is called the best in the world Kuanmiao.


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