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Digital print finishing solutions

1 . Higher degree of automation

With leroy neiman prints the short version of the book printing business transformation frequent live parts , which are needed every day perfect binding equipment , cutting equipment and other finishing equipment for numerous adjustments , which makes the production efficiency is greatly reduced, in this context , high-speed automated digital finishing equipment is particularly important , which can significantly improve the level of corporate profits . Currently , some finishing the installation of the digital measuring device which can measure the thickness of the book block and the cover size LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan , and pass data to the computer-controlled finishing device to automatically adjust the settings , effectively improve the efficiency of production .

2 wider range of applications

Another technical progress Binding digital wireless devices is the use of adhesives for a variety of plastic tank , this improvement makes digital wireless Binding equipment to meet the needs of different products , such as plastic tank can be installed either EVA hot melt glue can also be fitted PUR ( polyurethane ) adhesive , thus expanding the scope of application of digital wireless Binding equipment to better meet the requirements of high-quality digital finishing .


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What is the glass prints

Glass prints are miscellaneous category, cold look, but the glass is painted canvas,

framed in a block before the text, or inlaid wood side wall, not what Blair, was also

mostly in the late Qing period. Glass prints seemingly ordinary, but it also has a lot of

knowledge in it. When we are faced with a heritage, whether big or small, likely a grotto,

small may be a bitch, first of all we need dating material, workmanship, etc., to master a

lot of knowledge of cultural relics. Glass painting knowledge lies in the fact that it is

painting color prints on the glass, there is this technique when Ming Dynasty, its

characteristics for thin glass, no impurities. Glass is a natural, more uniform, inlaid

wood or wooden frame, it is very simple. Unfortunately, because glass is fragile, is not

easy to preserve, today to see more at the end of the Qing Dynasty or the period of the

Republic of china. Characteristics of Leroy Neiman Brooklyn Bridge, the glass thickness is

moderate. Remember that a little, thin glass more, years earlier, commonly known as "a

good year", while a good year and many are south Guangdong produced glass white color,

without impurities, painters are relatively fine, pattern Dao Ma landscape character. On

the value of character Leroy Neiman prints value is higher, many of the characters in the

story than single character value of high. The value of oil painting on glass Qian Long

times higher, because the painting is not only because of age is early and have a higher

value, but also because of its fine art, most of the prints are with child, and add color

of gold or silver color

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Digital prints paper three requirements must be met

To print out high-quality digital printing, digital printing paper right choice is very important. If selected properly, there will affect copy quality graphics and many other issues. Digital printing paper must meet three requirements: ① take the paper, i.e. the ability to pass printing paper, in particular double-sided printed sheet feeding process, dimensional accuracy is very important for smooth feeding, and affect the smoothness of the printing paper to take the paper of very large; ② ink transfer, namely the ability to accept ink leroy neiman prints paper or toner; ③ Resistant, which eventually formed after digital printing, in use case to various unfavorable factors, the printing paper tolerance.

(by LeRoy Neiman Abraham Lincoln)

LeRoy Neiman Abraham Lincoln


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