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Acacia paint should never be used.

If watercolor painting pigment as background layer, only on the white base to use very light colors. Apply directly to the very light color, in the glazing little change; when a very strong and deep shades of color to make the necessary polish, it will become inconsistent with the picture, resulting in a glass-like effects, both unfavorable coverage, but also inconsistent with oil paints. Once past watercolor painted plastic, used as a base layer works fine.

Painting with oil paints background layer contains a lot of fat binders, coated with oil or resin varnish, may be the worst kind of a background layer. All colors in this "sauce" fixing properties are poor on the base, is very prone to cracking, and later will darken, especially on this background did not dry paint layer.



What is a painting tone painting

    The use of a single color or a subtle level changes have many nuances, and you can get particularly beautiful effect. The easiest way to use slowly and progressively enhanced color, increased color and avoid the color does not reconcile. Produce effects in the body painting canvas painting tone in the middle tones. It makes the artist it is possible to work calmly to light and dark in both directions in painting begins. Painter should not prematurely most intense colors, to avoid overly obvious dark areas, and highlights excessive glare, this restraint will bring benefits. When painting the picture has appeared satisfactory results, the color change is very rich at any time after that they can use a strong light and dark Shen Nong, so vivid painting has impressive power immediately. The most distinctive bright colors and the deepest dark, must naturally drawn up at the end of painting....



Line refers to a pen sketch lines

Painting with a soft hook line general cents sharp clue, but in a different style, round, flat old school pen-shaped and can also book lays out similar sounding like a strong center lines. Eastern and Western painting started off with a line shape in the early paintings are often added to the exact contour lines Qigao rigorous, tempera technique ranked shading line method is the primary means of formation. Western painting until later evolved with light and shade, and the main body of the first, but nevertheless, painting midline factors also never disappeared. Slender, bold. Neat or casual informal and repeatedly stacked staggered various lines used, that painting richer language, different body sideline processing is very important. Oriental paintings with lines also affected many Western-style modern masters such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, Miro and Klee and other masters are used lines.