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Oil painting "flat wiping " painting of Jack-Vettriano

Jack-Vettriano Instead of painting with " dry brush " , "flat wiping " pursue painting pen marks without any smooth glass -like picture effect.
"Flat wiping " painting requirements are as follows :
( 1 ) The first is the selection of fine textured linens , doing foundation repeatedly polished with sandpaper , in order to fine texture.
( 2 ) at any stage of the works are drawn not use thick coating , and prone to significant stroke painting .
( 3 ) try to avoid using liquid toner , especially thick polymerized toner medium. To use fresh oil color , slightly diluted with turpentine resin can be.
( 4 ) sketch papers must be accurate and clear.
( 5 ) The first layer Oil paints use a clean uniform strokes drawn , there can uplift, the color should be fully reconciled.
( 6 ) in the coloring process to make more use of the fan-shaped pen color disappearing, small painting roller and cotton cloth can also come in handy.
( 7 ) requires to give a smooth surface , multi-layer painting is necessary, by the rich layers of color up .
( 8 ) "flat wipe " technique is only used as a part of the painting process for the best, because too many levels


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leroy neiman rocky prints

leroy neiman rocky prints served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He worked as a cook until the end of the war, when his art skills were recognized and put to use painting sets for Red Cross shows. Following his return in 1946, Neiman studied briefly at the St. Paul School of Art, then at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago on the G.I. Bill. After graduating, Neiman served on the Art Institute faculty for ten years. During the time Neiman was teaching, he was exhibiting art in competitions and winning prizes. In 1954, Neiman began his association with Playboy Magazine. Neiman had met Hugh Hefner while doing freelance fashion illustration for the Carson Pirie Scott department store chain, where Hefner was a writer. Hefner and Playboy art director Art Paul commissioned an illustration for the magazine's fifth edition. Among Neiman's contribution over the next 50 years,leroy neiman rocky prints  created the Femlin character for the Party Jokes page, and did a feature for 15 years titled "Man at His Leisure," where Neiman would paint illustrations of his travels to exotic locations.