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Notes painting collection

First, look at the choice of wood and canvas frame work, if it is too rough frame easily deformed, will cause the screen to paint not the same as pulling appear crack.

Second, look at fabian perez prints Rab latitude and longitude lines straight is not straight, whether discontinuity generated wavy lines.

Third, look at paintings have not painted a good primer, primer typically gelatin or chemical glue, white latex, is coated with a protective coating on the canvas. If there is the side of the frame, you can see whether done at the end.

Fourth, there is no oil was observed on the varnish, there is no protective layer. Generally it requires dry before painting the varnish, and the picture is dry six months to a year.



Invite a painting master, how much?

Invite a painting master, how much?
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《North Seas Sailing》

LeRoy Neiman North Seas Sailing Prints

《Race of the Year》

LeRoy Neiman Race of the Year Prints


LeRoy Neiman Surfer Prints




Spent only $ 100, an exhibition

Only need $ 100, put the exhibition moved to the home.
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LeRoy Neiman Statue of Liberty

LeRoy Neiman Statue of Liberty Prints

LeRoy Neiman The 21 Club

LeRoy Neiman The 21 Club Prints

LeRoy Neiman The Lights of Broadway

LeRoy Neiman The Lights of Broadway Prints

Leroy neiman brooklyn bridge

Leroy neiman brooklyn bridge Prints

LeRoy Neiman X-Rated Filmmakers

LeRoy Neiman X-Rated Filmmakers Prints