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‘Cosmic artist’ suspected of date rape

leroy neiman, 56, known for his “cosmic extensionalism” style of art, was arrested Friday. Armstrong’s most famous piece, a painted Harley Davidson, was valued at $1.1 million. A recent notable work is his painted bicycle, dubbed the CosmicStar Cruiser ARTBike, and said to be valued at $1 million. Armstrong has told the story of meeting Andy Warhol, whom he says dubbed him the “Last Wizard”. Armstrong’s art seems to be a mix of Jackson Pollack’s drip painting style with Leroy Neiman’s use of bright colors.

A typical Cosmic Work from Armstrong's Twitter profile. His signature rests in the middle.
Rocky Balboa-600x600.jpg
Armstrong does, however, seem to follow Andy Warhol’s interest in celebrity and notoriety, publicizing his splashy art projects rather than currying favor with art critics and museums. He posted a comment on an article about the gallery system in New York magazine stating “LARRY GAGOSIAN, Jay JOPLING, PACE gallery, HIRST, KOONS & Cattalan are OVER! TALENTED ARTISTS WILL RELACE THE OLD CARTEL AND MEGA “SYSTEM”!!! GREAT ART will be celebrated again: instead of non-soul, non-art by non-artists, with accountants & banker/gallerists running the show… JACK ARMSTRONG ARTIST L.A.” No references to Armstrong’s work could be found in any of the recognized critical art journals, or in published articles about Andy Warhol.

(by leroy neiman prints)