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Mixed color painting techniques with painting leroy neiman introduction

 Mixing techniques need to grasp the colors and painting painting techniques, this technique is Degas invention, Toulouse - leroy neiman work also has to use, is to use turpentine to mix oil paint, oil paint consistency makes becomes the same as with gouache to create a matte effect. Degas did not like it and thick oil paint, and sometimes he would take advantage of the time to paint or wet paint scraped from the canvas, and then get a soft and his favorite mural effect is similar LeRoy Neiman Mickey Mantle. He often used without the base material coated paper mounted on wood or canvas for painting, these substrates can absorb most of the grease paint. Thin paint all the lines of the substrate surface are removed, resulting in flat-coated pigment effect, he found it very good as the first draft.


Painting is an expression not seeking skills

Leroy neiman to participate in this exhibition , Pingwa took out his 32 paintings , he said he had already run a

dozen times over the exhibition , but the long-lost already do in Xi'an exhibition . Speaking of painting

understanding Pingwa said writer to write something based, painting is the expression of his own view of the world

and some of the sentiment, not to mention how much skill . "I rarely sell in the community , and few people know ,

I always felt while painting . Paint never repeated ."

There are traditional and modern paintings of the points , leroy neiman sport paintings should first think of modernity

, " to engage in any literature and art without modern ideas , they mean nothing ." But he also believes that

since it is made ​​of Chinese art , there should be a traditional resistance therein. In particular, he stressed

that his collection of so many folk stuff , Leroy neiman brooklyn bridge prints is to do the writing and drawing

to accumulate . " Absorb things folk , traditional evelopment , no folk , traditional stuff is dead , so I

emphasize modern , traditional and folk three points and I have always liked painting, drawing more than just

technical stuff , but now a lot of people painting do not study , if only the techniques of painting , there would

be no further development . "

Talked about the characteristics of their paintings , leroy neiman said: "The biggest feature is there , including

my own painting language , different from others , how many people can touch at least look after any work of art

can help people attracted , the people overawed . otherwise, people 's eyes move over the painting, there is no

equal to the exhibition . painter hope that everyone stand for a moment in front of their paintings to look

attractive for a while, in my mind can emerge after several image . "


leroy neiman sport prints

Mickey Mantle




rocky vs apollo


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