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Belgian Comic Strip Center celebrates 25th anniversary hall

Brussels, Belgium, is called the European comic capital. October 6, the Belgian Comic Strip Center is celebrating its 25 birthday.
As Europe's oldest, largest and most extensive collections of comics museum, the Belgian Comic Strip Center is now on display with a lot

of comic artist's original manuscript, more than 200,000 per year more foreign tourists to come
Visit. Center for the Arts at a news conference that the future will be more colorful cultural activities organized in the exhibition,

so that the center is not only playing the role of comic museum, promoting better animation culturePerson.

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Printmaking market still need to cultivate

Experts said the circulation of art not only need a mature market, a sound system, professional management organization, rich artistic resources, but also need a solid economic foundation and full of demands for cultural groups. American prints of the fledgling market, these factors are not fully met, resulting in poor circulation prints, so the current market is not active in the American Printmaking, generally low prices.
In fact, the American market is far from mature prints, prints investment value and investment charm completely understood and given due attention for investors; investor's investment philosophy, investment perspective is too narrow and single; investment objectives and investment cycles are too quick success . Investors know for prints is still in the "primary stage."

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About prints, misreading heavy

Developed regions in the international arts market, printmaking is the largest market share of painting, accounting for one sixth.

People usually start from the engraving, the road began to collect paintings. Getting started as a collection of prints goods, has also

been a mainstream art market. In recent years, the international market with limited edition copy prints of famous auction record

breaking success, American Tibetan community also began to have recognized the artistic value of printmaking, but compared to painting,

oil painting, etc., prints still in the market value of the edge of depression.

(by thomas kinkade prints)