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Da Vinci sketch drawn spine is believed to be the first time an accurate description of the spine.

Abraham Adams said that Leonardo da Vinci painted the exact

structure of the spine and spinal curvature and inclination

between. Leonardo da Vinci painting sketch enough to lay status

in the history of the study of anatomy. As a two-dimensional

image, the accuracy with which the current image is comparable

to any of the spine.
In addition to the spine sketch, the Leonardo da Vinci's many

human anatomy have contributed to the boundaries of anatomy

studies. In addition to the skull, but he was all the bones in

the human body were dissected leaves precious research and

written records. Abraham Adams said that Leonardo da Vinci was

an outstanding architects and engineers, which can help him

understand the structure and workings of the human body. He

said: "This mechanical science and engineering research methods

was very popular in the field of surgery over the past five or

six decades."


Oil preservation process precautions

If a painting of maintenance the right way, can be hundreds of

pictures does not change color, on the contrary, it is the color

layer cracking may occur, loss and discoloration. In the end how

to protect the canvas does not suffer damage it? First, the back

of the canvas can be coated with a thin layers of natural

beeswax previously dissolved in turpentine, so completely

immersed prevent moist air and cause injury; secondly, painting

the most taboo term direct sunlight, because UV damage to color

very large, this will make it fade and change color; third,

storage room ventilation painting some better, pay attention to

prevent damage caused by dust and mildew on the canvas, the room

needs to maintain a certain range of temperature and humidity;

and finally, avoid painting the two images on stickers, once the

temperatures are likely to cause the screen to stick together

causing damage to the paint off the screen.

(by jack vettriano prints)

Digital painting of maintenance

First, after the completion of this digital painting, digital

painting paint dry and other images, the symmetry brush a layer

of oil painting dedicated "Varnish." Varnish can play a cover

picture of the role of pigment and canvas, and make the picture

look brighter, better texture.
Second, the volumes to be covered with a layer of transparent

film painting paper in front of the canvas, and the canvas in a

special cardboard tube outer volume, and then use the bubble

paper wrapped. Such as allowing to guarantee a clean canvas,

stable shape, no creases.
Third, the painting should not be close between the two screens

face to face eternal halt rising temperatures make the picture

pigment stick together, causing the paint off, screen damage.
Fourth, the transportation of the course to stop a sharp object

poke bad canvas. When transporting oil painting, painting the

front face itself, while careful fingers dirty dirt and grease

will probably digital painting paintings and pigments.
Five paintings hanging select cases, to stop long-lasting

moisture, contamination.

(by thomas kinkade prints)