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Create sketches in six aspects

To keep the overall shape of the shape, a good example is to use the body block method to draw the side of a skull. Beginners are easily immersed in the details of the description, the result is likely to draw a very distorted shape. But if you first understand this head as an egg shape from the front, a spherical shape from the back, the details of the depiction will be subject to the overall shape, this painting looks like a whole force.



Hard brush

Compared with soft brush, hard brush has the advantages of strong elasticity, firmness, strength and high wear resistance. The bristle brush mainly consists of a bristle pen and a bristle brush.

The bristle brush often leaves a crepe print when it is colored, which can pick up thick pigments. It can be rubbed, rubbed, brushed, and generally does not appear to stick the hair together. However, it is precisely because of these characteristics that the bristle brush can appear to be weak in the performance of the delicate picture texture. On the contrary, the bristle brush is suitable for the thick brush-like texture.

Compared with the bristle brush, the bristle brush is more delicate, softer and more elastic. It is a high-grade bristle brush, and of course the price is higher. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners choose pig bristle if they want to choose a hard brush.

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LeRoy Joseph Runquist was born in St. Paul, Minn

LeRoy Joseph Runquist was born in St. Paul, Minn., on June 8, 1921. When his mother remarried, he took the surname of a stepfather.

He served in the Army during World War II, including the Normandy invasion and the Battle of the Bulge, and painted murals on the walls of mess halls. After the war, he studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he later taught figure drawing for 10 years.

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