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Less than a third of the print job has been outsourced

Began printing more and more electronic databases to drive its own print production, such as: tea packaging and wine packaging retailers are now able to provide customers with digital printing services, a trend that will affect the digital printing shop development of. All print production are put into a substance on a substrate, except when it is outside when ancillary services.Basketball%20Superstars-380x380.jpg
     Printing industry in recent years, the increase in revenue does not come from the ink or toner into the paper on traditional printing services, but from those new services, such as: LeRoy Neiman posters, mail, packages, databases, and other ancillary services. In total income for all print jobs, the short version and time-critical jobs accounted for 45%; the short version, but do not ask for time jobs accounted for 9%; the long version and time-critical jobs accounted for 34%; long version but less demanding job on time, 19%; other types of jobs accounted for 3%. Thus, less than a third of the print job can be outsourced.


Domestic impact of the printing industry

The past four years, driven by domestic demand as one of China's rapid economic advancement of the troika, the performance has been poor, especially this year, China emerged a wave of shoes and apparel industry closures and closed shopElephant%20Charge-380x380.jpg tide, you can clearly reflect China's weak domestic demand. In recent years, such as Jingdong Lynx popular electricity supplier also reflects the status quo of Chinese common people are retrenching from the other side.
     Entering 2015, due to depressed rural economy for two consecutive years, the domestic market accounted for 600 million rural population will continue to weaken. City residents are subject to price increases, mortgage, polarization and exacerbate the unemployment crisis and other factors, but also difficult to change the spending power. Therefore, the next year, the main domestic market Leroy Neiman posters, shoes packaging, cosmetic packaging as a whole will be shrinking trend.


Market Outlook 2015 Printed in USA

Slow economic recovery
Since the outbreak of the economic crisis, the US economic recovery rate can be said that nearly half a century since the slowest one. 2014, US economic growth rate of about 2.4%, while in the next year, the US economy will not significantly improve the expected annual growth rate will hover around 2.6 percent. Currently, the US economic factors have a significant impact mainly in the following aspects.
There are two positive factors. Implement an automatic spending cuts plan helps to reduce government spending, reducing the deficit, put more resources in the private sector. Another is the industry will continue to maintain low interest rates and low inflation.
Relatively more negative factors. First, the global economy continued to weaken. Secondly, medical transformed into uncertainty will increase in medical insurance premiums, lower consumer and business spending. Again, the internal and external politics, preventing permanent tax and welfare reform.
Now the most important thing is the direction of the Fed's monetary policy. When adjusting the quantitative easing policy to increase the number of potential money supply, as well as the question of how to keep the pressure on interest rates and so are the people concerned. For now, the US economy will remain weak in 2015, although the creation of jobs could increase over 2013, but the unemployment rate will remain at around 7.0%.

We usually put a pre-tax profit as a percentage of sales as a measure of corporate financial conditions. US leroy neiman posters company profitability since bottomed out in 2010, has been improved significantly. The percentage of its pre-tax profit will also benefit from a percentage of sales in 2010 increased 1.4% to 2.8% to 2.7% from 2014 to 2015 period. Profitability for the top 25% of those printing companies, its pre-tax profits accounted for about 10.0% of total sales.
So, faced with sluggish market environment, printing companies should be how to deal with this? All businesses should focus on profits, rather than on sales. An enterprise's profitability mainly by three factors: sales, costs and prices. Only in sales and prices have increased, and the lower costs decline, in order to increase profits. Therefore, in order to enhance their profitability, printing companies must be under the control of the cost of a good premise, try to increase sales and product prices. Here are some printing companies can help control the way these three factors.