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"Optical ash" is manifested transparent painting a visual effect

. Ancient artists or oily tempera colors on the bottom were stained with glaze after resin varnish coated with transparent or translucent overlay that revealed by overlapping colored layer, which produce strange color transparent gray - "Optical ash" . This transparent gray and deployed out of gray compared to the visual effect is not the same. It is a direct painting can not achieve. Rubens was on to create the optical ash is known, he told his students, said:. "At least the last layer of dark color department should be transparent."

(by thomas kinkade prints)


Digital painting of maintenance

First, after the completion of this digital painting, digital

painting paint dry and other images, the symmetry brush a layer

of oil painting dedicated "Varnish." Varnish can play a cover

picture of the role of pigment and canvas, and make the picture

look brighter, better texture.
Second, the volumes to be covered with a layer of transparent

film painting paper in front of the canvas, and the canvas in a

special cardboard tube outer volume, and then use the bubble

paper wrapped. Such as allowing to guarantee a clean canvas,

stable shape, no creases.
Third, the painting should not be close between the two screens

face to face eternal halt rising temperatures make the picture

pigment stick together, causing the paint off, screen damage.
Fourth, the transportation of the course to stop a sharp object

poke bad canvas. When transporting oil painting, painting the

front face itself, while careful fingers dirty dirt and grease

will probably digital painting paintings and pigments.
Five paintings hanging select cases, to stop long-lasting

moisture, contamination.

(by thomas kinkade prints)


thomas kinkade prints

The main content of the exhibition is the famous American prints thomas kinkade masterpiece. Mezzotint etching techniques are the main

techniques thomas kinkade creative artist attention change between black and gray, especially good in gray handle. Using the screen at

different levels and texture performance, the effect of the black Mezzotint techniques produced to an extreme. On the screen, the object

image processing exaggeration, distortion bold outlines simple, distinctive features, unique. Gives a surreal and dreamy feeling, very

interesting and decorative, full of mystery. The exhibition continues until October 10.

(by thomas kinkade prints)