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Caosheng calligrapher Zhang Xu: not madness not survive

Zhang Xu local " cursive quote poetry four volume" ( see Figure edition title ) Tang ( 618-907 ) colored letterhead of the vertical 29.1 cm , horizontal 195.2 cm Liaoning Provincial Museum

LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan

( Partial ) Licheng Mao "Lin Yuanxiu tu" Northern Song Dynasty ( 960 -1127 ) Ink on silk 45.2 cm vertical , horizontal 143.2 cm Liaoning Provincial Museum


( Partial ) Yang Weizhen Zhang Shi " regular script Wen Ying Chuan epitaph and poetry volume" Yuan ( 1271-1368 ) ink and color on silk ( section a ) 25.8 cm vertical , horizontal 191 cm ; ( section two ) vertical 25.9 cm , cross 86.2 cm ; ( section three ) vertical 25.8 cm , horizontal 145.9 cm Liaoning Provincial Museum

Open the " cursive poetry four posts ."


Yang Kuang Zhang Xu , a generation of " Caosheng " also madness


The reporter Lin Shao Qing


Emperor years, Ye County . Zhang Xu Wu states who often come here to watch Gongsun aunt 's " River Sword " dance.


Gongsun aunt lithe agility agile , vigorous dancing , swords flying up and down , flickering . Zhang Xu attentively concerned , between the advance and retreat , one by one , all fascinated him .


One day, after dancing sword , the crowd dispersed, Zhang Xu still immersed for a long time . Suddenly , it was the world known as "Zhang Britain " of the people , such as realized something, dancing , flying home. After waiting, the call to go mad , put pen to paper in a book .


He seemed to be turned into a pen in their hands Gongsun aunt 's sword, while rotating the turn , sometimes as Tigers down , sometimes like water dragon , unpredictable , flamboyant , high spirits .


Decades later , at a banquet, to recover the ancient poet Du Fu ask this , I think the concept of Gongsun aunt sword dance at a young age , is also remembered from "Formerly of Wu Zhang Xu , good cursive posts , the number often see in Ye County Gongsun aunt River sword dance , since cursive grow , Hao Dang grateful that Kung- known men . " legend.


People today do not see Gongsun aunt sword dance , but still have the opportunity to witness Zhang Xu ink.leroy neiman rocky


" Cursive poetry four posts ," the only one remaining world Zhang Xu ink, this spring , we approached the legendary band -like era.


Zhang Xu , does not survive madness


Zhang Xu 's about madness , too many legends.


Said he liked to drink , and often drunk after a call to go mad , put pen to paper in a book , and even hair brush dipped in ink for writing, so we gave him a nickname , called " Zhang epilepsy ."


" Four posts cursive Poems " appeared in the contemporary field of vision , the first should be in the early 1950s , as Mr. Fan Wenlan illustration " Chinese history" book . " Chinese history" in the " Cultural Revolution" is very popular around the time people like calligraphy will notice this illustration .


Zhang Xu Cursive writing with the four Southern Dynasties poetry and Yu Xin Xie Lingyun , the ups and downs and orderly, crazy cursive formation of a groundbreaking contribution. A total of 40 full- line posts , 188 words , the paper is rare "colored memo ."


But this piece is not inscribed and seals , so the authenticity of the Song Dynasty after suffering controversy . As the quote in the " King" dig into "book ", which becomes " Xie Lingyun book" , has been mistaken for the early Southern Song Xie Lingyun book.


Has spread to the Ming Dynasty, Dong Qichang after work stroke of the pen , Tiba said it was Zhang Xu works and commented it : . " There cliff fall , pelting rain whirlwind of potential"


This has become a detective , so far are inconclusive in academia , four Qi Gong , Xu Banda , Ink ,Renkai Yang so have had papers. The four are members of the national painting Mr. identified five groups , is the number one authority , but they hold exactly the opposite view : Qi Gong , Mr. Xu Bangda think this post is not written by Zhang Xu ; Ink , Mr. Yang Renkai Mo Zhang Xu believes that the non- post office . And Mr. Xiong Bingming According to his research , also wrote " cursive Fourth suspect Zhang Xu is a temporary post this " article .


Professor, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts in Contemporary cursive everyone Wang Dongling opinion, this piece is about the history of Chinese calligraphy studies major node of the work , however , so he had several years of this attention and research , and specifically with a " Zhang Xu < poetry four > Exploration . "


In 1995 , Wang Dongling Shenyang National Youth Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition review, and finally for the first time to see the original. " This piece was also a lot of negative voices , I read much admiration , Zhang Xu more convinced that it is authentic , I feel it Kuanbo stretch of the guitar body , spirit and unrestrained Hao longitudinal strength fertilizer rich pen, Zhang Xu, a vein in line Cursive style , Song is write to the . good works, like an expert , do not speak, his aura , the atmosphere is completely different . "


Anyway, this piece is the only one currently known to survive in the world of Zhang Xu ink. " If you deny this post , then Zhang Xu is no longer authentic in the world ."


Warren Zhang Xu appeared , perhaps only in the Tang Dynasty .


The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of Chinese calligraphy art development in promoting pro Taizong Li Shimin 's forces , Wang Xizhi , Wang Xianzhi son of two books wind has been considerable development. After the Tang Dynasty , a number comparable to the two kings emerged as par calligrapher Ouyang Xun , Yu Shinan , Yen Chen , Liu public rights . They uphold the traditional ink and Beiban double since the Wei and Jin , gradually break through calligraphy Wen Tong Yan Wang Miao , steering testimonies guarded style.


Among these, the Yen Chen , Kai Liu public rights, and Zhang Xu , Huai Su cursive , especially the significance of the times in which Zhang Xu brushwork with subtlety and uninhibited temperament , creating a wild cursive style model , respectfully as "grass Holy . "


Chinese calligraphy discussed later on in Europe, Yu , Chu , Yan, Liu , vegetarian , etc. are no judgments , only for Zhang Xu are all amazed , which is unique in the history of art .


Li Cheng , par Daozi


In the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Cheng , Fan Kuan and off with and known as the " three Ding Zhi ", was evaluated Li Cheng , "where whoever said to be the ancient landscape first," his landscapes and figures Daozi par .


Li Cheng artistic impact on future generations of great landscape painter , put into a new phase of Li Cheng School painter , the period is Ancestor Painting of famous Guo Xi .


Li Cheng 's " Maolin Yuanxiu map" , the boat moored near crossing , pedestrians traveling between the meantime ; distant palace clouds, tower shadow looming .


About Li Cheng 's work , due to the earlier era , few works handed down , coupled with his reputation heyday , after so many scholars whose work on the real to the enemy at that time . The so-called Li Cheng 's work , spread so far who has a lot of controversy .


Painting " Maolin Yuanxiu tu" no inscription, the offspring collectors are also based on the rear of the Southern Song Dynasty scroll to the ice , the Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Ni Zan张天骏three inscriptions , and its author as Li Cheng . But then the appraiser also have different views .


Due to the ice in the Southern Song Dynasty, the famous connoisseur of inscriptions , says this photo shows the Northern Song made ​​, so that many works have been seen as a popular thread , the only credible Li Cheng authentic.


This piece after Chia Ssu Song , Yuan Shu fresh in Ming Xiang Yuanbian other celebrities collection , into the Qing government, the collection of a hundred multi- imprinting .


Yang Weizhen , create a " troubled gas"


Yuan and Ming Yang Weizhen is an artist , born in Zhejiang Zhuji Maple an official career home. His good poetry , painting and drama , especially workers cursive. Zhejiang Normal University Fine Arts Professor Yang Yang Wei Zhen Seoul is research specialist , but also his descendants .


Yang Weizhen known in cursive , surviving lower case only this one , the Italian state Elegant , subtle square off with the Yuan Dynasty in the circle , represented by Zhao Wanli live very different style , is an important basis for study of Young's regular script .


Yang Weizhen Although high accomplishment, but it is not always smooth career , after efforts to no avail , fifty -year-old Yang Weizhen traces the landscape, indulging in sensual Poem from idealistic Officials hope to be able to indulge a good sensual romantic prodigal son . Such twists and unique life encounters, intentionally or unintentionally, which is reflected in his calligraphy .


At that time , with Yang Weizhen as the center , forming a group of Soochow writer , literary thought characteristic of this group is individuality , eclectic, innovative divergent .


Late Yuan Wu, also the center of town literati painting , Huang Kung-wang , Ni Zan , Wang Meng were living there , Yang Weizhen frequent contact with them , poetry and creative , respected each other , influence each other, and forged a profound friendship. Advocating literati painting is impressionistic lyrical , crazy kind of majestic big Jane distant style, the kind of show steep Yunlin Majesty 's frame , but also affect Earlier Ming Dynasty calligraphy creation, so Yang Weizhen unique pictorial calligraphy , sometimes melancholy urgent , sometimes elegant pull strength .


Yuan Dynasty, Zhao Meng formed the world are learning the situation , but the lack of surface Zhao word is magnified even more , the book winds becoming sweet ripe , mediocrity and monotony . Yang Weizhen pretending crosswise then created a distorted , bend strength Peculiar , chaos head coarse clothing " troubled gas" calligraphy . Undoubtedly, this " chaotic gas" Calligraphy is a refraction of social unrest psychosocial people uneasy and contradictory . On Yang Weizhen subjective , but is since Chao, sweet cooked, mediocre calligraphy and commented on and criticized .


Earlier Ming Dynasty calligraphy , but also to the Ming and Qing Dynasties main performance , heavy personality calligrapher enlighten a precedent . His calligraphy may not be able to learn as role models , we can not learn calligraphy impact on future generations , the main significance lies in style . Ming after calligraphers such as Xu Wei , Zhu Zhi Shan , Zhang Rui figure , Ni Yuanlu , ecliptic week , Wang Duo , Fu Shan even Eccentrics so they created their own unique personality calligraphy style , one on the gleaming Star Chinese calligraphy , but also to future generations of calligraphers touted a new aesthetic ideal .leroy neiman prints

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What lack of contemporary Chinese calligraphy


What contemporary Chinese calligraphy missing ? This is a problem , I see this topic , I felt a bit mean, but also know that this topic is probably not something to talk about , at least in this current environment, there is always a variety of people to As there is a wide variety of ideas, there is avoided , there is thus in terms of its other , there is a hit to see Haha , I think , I can imagine , this is in network media career since an unconscious feeling.leroy neiman prints


I also know that many people will always talk about all aspects , has thus know that this community can only say good , but can not say critics , therefore, saw it ha ha , that is more natural and simple.


If you follow what I mean talk, I probably have an idea of the three aspects of the subject do not know do not cut cut editing , whether lying empty , I have to say , than actually , there are nearly a year , and now this feeling useless , overemphasize that 's it. Think , really cool.


I now have two things every day to give yourself peace of mind , one walk one hour every morning to go to work , but not too much , three kilometers , presumably , on more than one thousand kilometers a year, the ancients said , traveling thousands of miles , so the original you can drop , this is really laughing Sharen . Another thing is to cross the road, grandfather grandmother always hear of anything , I will be very natural holding their hands together across the road . So , it seems no different , nothing big , but this morning , I am on the road, but thinking about what is missing in this Chinese calligraphy theme , I think, I was thinking from three aspects , namely social groups, and second, media , the three individuals .LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan


I said , now Chinese calligraphy society organizations , many of them lack the public mind . I do not know , Sun Yat-sen handwritten Tianxiaweigong how many pieces of work , but I could believe it , most people are afraid to hang , why not say more . I would not say all , but I dare say that most of the social groups, national , provincial , county , etc., should be a lot , I think most would not say that he was a member of his society services , even if there is , it is only on the Articles written by the mouth said, really do , I think , certainly , it is difficult to see, you can see a President, a Secretary- mighty , you can see a member of the a President, a Secretary-General said before , I am your membership so, think about it, a scene look like ?


Blinded by greed , lack of public spirit . I do not know , there is no free lunch , it is said that where , but I 'm sure , definitely not Chinese language , this will not come from a history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization , I do not know why, as great a nation 's people , as the text of this important national heritage of civilization represented by vector calligraphy and with this in the name of social groups , why, there will be such a phrase in circulation , presumably , also spread to others the strike.


I do not know what the name of societies exist is to Chinese cultural heritage , or for the country, for the people, or for the benefit of the existence of certain people , I think , probably , on behalf of the existence of different time , certainly is not the same , and the same or not the same after this , there is a lot of interest groups , everyone's interests uneven , and began to pull the hill , you sing your song, I spectrum of my music, their own way, I do not know , What is this . For their own interests , at obliterate the achievements of their predecessors , to establish their own signs, and even his own preferences, as an advocate , and even now, and do not know what is right and what is wrong era atmosphere . I think, from that point on , we Chinese calligraphy societies , there is a responsibility. The lack of public spirit , and is a little heavy .


Turning now to the media , because I am also a media person , so I say this , my face a little red , but I still say , why, I remember a long time ago , I said one thing , that is to say the truth , there must be conscience , I think , now the media is the lack of social responsibility and social conscience.


Media , I think it should be a community, should be an important tool for cultural heritage and passing , in such a historic mission , I think, a social conscience and social responsibility , is a very important part .


I do not know what the media charging system from the beginning, of course , to the present, public occasions , there is no media toll this assertion. But in fact there is , I think, this is not to deny everyone . Pay is good, I think this fall is understandable, media people paid labor, for a fee , I think , nothing wrong with it at the moment such a social environment, we have become natural. The problem is that after the media charges, your social responsibility and social conscience is not because of money but Helenians short hand , if there is , it is a problem.


Another , some media , for their own interests , whether political , social or personal interests ...... and so on, a series of nothing less than a benefit to the word , I did not know , as a media person, how to locate their identity , scholars , businessmen , artists , brokers, politicians . . . . . ? A series of questions , people very confused, if they have all these identities , I do not know , social responsibility and social conscience of the media , how to achieve. Media ideological, because all sorts of benefits , how to face. So since , as a media person , whether , it will feel like thorn in the side , whether , it will feel to live up to the social status conferred by media people ?


Third, when it comes to individuals. Now the vast majority of people are like when it comes to individuals, I think, because society is too far away , so recently from the people , from this perspective, we have been mentioned in Chinese calligraphy , referring to our beloved art, will from our personal talk , and many people are rarely comes to himself. I want to say is what Chinese calligraphy missing, the individual, is the lack of insight . Our forefathers Appreciating the wise, knowing the next . Under the current social context of this intricate , well-developed information technology, so that we did not like the Huai headed for Trinidad and seeking to subtlety , derived from sitting at home really interesting . In addition there is a word called wealthy , as Baoji hide, we now calligraphy people , many of them holding a skill , but deliberately virtuoso , journeyed retractable always make you feel , what is exquisite . In many , I actually feel so boring , and why, in fact , calligraphy is very profound , just to know that Mr Liu Zhengcheng editor of " The Complete Works of Chinese Calligraphy ," there 108 volumes, take decades , or even a lifetime to pay, will have such success , think , we are now calligraphers , there are several , read one , two ? How much of Chinese calligraphy and really understand ? I think this is a problem , from this point of view , to say, probably is, we often say , lack of culture. But I think that will not be so profound that I have often said , the academic term , not willingly use, why, science and art , in fact, the two concepts , only genuine knowledge and technology to achieve a certain degree of success, coupled with the line thousands of miles , traveling, to have real knowledge and insight , I think, to that time , will have a real academic . And now people are missing , it is estimated that this so-called insight and practice it. If only the frogs , but also the helpless .

leroy neiman rocky

So since I actually think some time ago , I wrote a Master "line is willing to phase -owned ," the true meaning of it.

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Van Gogh self-portrait of the aesthetic analysis

Study art history of the 20th century , a method of constant change in the cultural context , a timeless work of art , not only requires its own artistic value, but also being able to have a different interpretation methods to give it to the rich significance difference . This difference between each other are not mutually denial and rejection , but complement each other and the reference form a summons thoughts of a whole. Of course , the nature of art itself diverse characteristics also determine this.

Leroy neiman prints

Contemporary art historians from a variety of different angles , different areas of the art multi-level multi-dimensional study , in which the more famous art history analysis methods: analysis of formalist aesthetics , iconography method , structuralism and deconstruction ( after structuralist ) analysis, neo-Marxist analysis and psychoanalysis methods and so on. These new methods after another, with each passing day , it seems " squandering charming eyes " of the situation . However, the methodology itself does not have a body sense , it is to arrive obscured by new methods of art itself , revealing the deep meaning of art itself , thus demonstrating authentic human existence and significance of the situation .


Indeed , to discern art itself a work of art , but also the creator and the viewer needs to have some understanding of originality , depending on their knowledge and aesthetic accomplishment, it can reflect a person's social, political , economic and even sexual concepts. In addition, viewers watching a fine art of time and space , but also an important reference to the interpretation of a work of art . This paper attempts to aid some of the history of art analytical methods to study the Dutch painter Van Gogh (1853-1890) unlimited potential significance and interpretation of self- portraits of art itself .


Van Gogh, 19 representative of the late impressionist painter, from his 1886-1890 self-portrait works of art maturity up to four dozen pieces , which in the self-portrait is undoubtedly prominent art history , but also because of Van Gogh on Modern Art and significant impact of general concern in modern society. Therefore, the subject is selected as a certain reference value.


Formalist analysis


They formalism analysts believe that the line image from the observed shape and color of the point , further speaking, the aesthetic effect by the lines, the shape and arrangement of colors .

LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan


As shown , who is a high 1887 • " Self- portrait wearing a straw hat ", with this concept to analyze Van Gogh 's painting portraits from the time we can noticed : the whole picture is bright yellow , solid color area over the large , both the characters and background , yellow is the basic color, the painter with a clear red lines outline the contours of portraits , portraits next to the blue with a rough and irregular short lines to explain the background. That has a certain visual realism , but also a very strong effect of the plane . Van Gogh said: "I always fixed in one location to paint, draw attention to grasp the most essential thing , and then contour the space defined by the fill color of each block whether it expresses what , because it is able to feel the color. , also simplifies color . " 1 this passage reflects the lines and colors of Van Gogh personalized understanding , but also to convey the unique features of the visual language of his creation. Canvas vivid depiction of the Van Gogh totally dependent personality , enthusiasm and a strong color and firm lines, the artist expressed his strong eyes strong confidence in the creative process . In addition, he is keen on the performance of natural light , is indicative of that era painters authenticity of the performance of outdoor sunlight quest .


Indeed , Van Gogh self- portrait of the aesthetic effect of color and line itself is enough to have constituted a meaningful appeal. But a successful work of art should be impressed in both form and meaning to humans. Therefore, the image analysis method highlights important.


Image analysis method


The method involves the meaning of the iconography content and themes . Representatives of research methods Panofsky iconography think the content of decisive significance for the meaning of art. A work of art has been able to impress people - like Van Gogh 's self-portraits , like , depending on the form and content of the work gives both impressive . In comparison, the interpretation of figurative works that people typically use this method. For example , the idea of ​​the creation phase portraits , the artist is often the first to accept a given piece or looking for a model, and then design composition and color , and in the combined model on the basis of their own personality to create artistic images . Such creative work completed must reflect the artist's personal artistic language model unique identity and personality or both. Later, appreciation and art historians interpreted accordingly wrote a paragraph of text and narrative about the creation of this piece . Needless to say , when the work will have a broader implication , people can put it in the whole discussion of cultural history , that at this time "Van Gogh self-portrait ," there will be a dual aesthetic and cultural history of mean . We can look for information about the " self-portrait " in art history and for the study. Of course, this is a complex task that can not be resolved short of space , the need for further specialized research . Here only Van Gogh self-portrait in the form of theme theme for the focus to talk about the meaning behind the content .


Late 19th century , active in Paris innovative artists , their social reality is contradictory, loners spiritually. In impressionism get rid of dependence on literature, history , themes and techniques , too, abandoned the traditional painting ideas, explore painting itself independent value . " Painting is a painting, not history , literature, or something else ." Subjective thinking illuminate these innovators , modernist painting has become a spiritual origins . At this time, the social transformation of the oscillation , the impact of foreign art ( here mainly refers to Japanese ukiyo-e prints ) , especially in the light of scientific technological progress, social value conflicts have become increasingly apparent . This series of problems caused by the artists' attention and thinking.


Themes and the creative process of art needs to find a way to solve their own problems . Thus, the portrait of this ancient theme in the post-Impressionist painter in the hands of the decline , and again in the eyes of innovators opened a new meaning, these artists have contributed to the formation of personality . Delacroix's memory and to the worship of the great Rembrandt self- portrait in a Van Gogh portrait topic to be awakened . He knew it was a return , because at that time the art of deviation from the study of human face .

leroy neiman rocky

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