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Van Gogh self-portrait of the aesthetic analysis

Study art history of the 20th century , a method of constant change in the cultural context , a timeless work of art , not only requires its own artistic value, but also being able to have a different interpretation methods to give it to the rich significance difference . This difference between each other are not mutually denial and rejection , but complement each other and the reference form a summons thoughts of a whole. Of course , the nature of art itself diverse characteristics also determine this.

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Contemporary art historians from a variety of different angles , different areas of the art multi-level multi-dimensional study , in which the more famous art history analysis methods: analysis of formalist aesthetics , iconography method , structuralism and deconstruction ( after structuralist ) analysis, neo-Marxist analysis and psychoanalysis methods and so on. These new methods after another, with each passing day , it seems " squandering charming eyes " of the situation . However, the methodology itself does not have a body sense , it is to arrive obscured by new methods of art itself , revealing the deep meaning of art itself , thus demonstrating authentic human existence and significance of the situation .


Indeed , to discern art itself a work of art , but also the creator and the viewer needs to have some understanding of originality , depending on their knowledge and aesthetic accomplishment, it can reflect a person's social, political , economic and even sexual concepts. In addition, viewers watching a fine art of time and space , but also an important reference to the interpretation of a work of art . This paper attempts to aid some of the history of art analytical methods to study the Dutch painter Van Gogh (1853-1890) unlimited potential significance and interpretation of self- portraits of art itself .


Van Gogh, 19 representative of the late impressionist painter, from his 1886-1890 self-portrait works of art maturity up to four dozen pieces , which in the self-portrait is undoubtedly prominent art history , but also because of Van Gogh on Modern Art and significant impact of general concern in modern society. Therefore, the subject is selected as a certain reference value.


Formalist analysis


They formalism analysts believe that the line image from the observed shape and color of the point , further speaking, the aesthetic effect by the lines, the shape and arrangement of colors .

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As shown , who is a high 1887 • " Self- portrait wearing a straw hat ", with this concept to analyze Van Gogh 's painting portraits from the time we can noticed : the whole picture is bright yellow , solid color area over the large , both the characters and background , yellow is the basic color, the painter with a clear red lines outline the contours of portraits , portraits next to the blue with a rough and irregular short lines to explain the background. That has a certain visual realism , but also a very strong effect of the plane . Van Gogh said: "I always fixed in one location to paint, draw attention to grasp the most essential thing , and then contour the space defined by the fill color of each block whether it expresses what , because it is able to feel the color. , also simplifies color . " 1 this passage reflects the lines and colors of Van Gogh personalized understanding , but also to convey the unique features of the visual language of his creation. Canvas vivid depiction of the Van Gogh totally dependent personality , enthusiasm and a strong color and firm lines, the artist expressed his strong eyes strong confidence in the creative process . In addition, he is keen on the performance of natural light , is indicative of that era painters authenticity of the performance of outdoor sunlight quest .


Indeed , Van Gogh self- portrait of the aesthetic effect of color and line itself is enough to have constituted a meaningful appeal. But a successful work of art should be impressed in both form and meaning to humans. Therefore, the image analysis method highlights important.


Image analysis method


The method involves the meaning of the iconography content and themes . Representatives of research methods Panofsky iconography think the content of decisive significance for the meaning of art. A work of art has been able to impress people - like Van Gogh 's self-portraits , like , depending on the form and content of the work gives both impressive . In comparison, the interpretation of figurative works that people typically use this method. For example , the idea of ​​the creation phase portraits , the artist is often the first to accept a given piece or looking for a model, and then design composition and color , and in the combined model on the basis of their own personality to create artistic images . Such creative work completed must reflect the artist's personal artistic language model unique identity and personality or both. Later, appreciation and art historians interpreted accordingly wrote a paragraph of text and narrative about the creation of this piece . Needless to say , when the work will have a broader implication , people can put it in the whole discussion of cultural history , that at this time "Van Gogh self-portrait ," there will be a dual aesthetic and cultural history of mean . We can look for information about the " self-portrait " in art history and for the study. Of course, this is a complex task that can not be resolved short of space , the need for further specialized research . Here only Van Gogh self-portrait in the form of theme theme for the focus to talk about the meaning behind the content .


Late 19th century , active in Paris innovative artists , their social reality is contradictory, loners spiritually. In impressionism get rid of dependence on literature, history , themes and techniques , too, abandoned the traditional painting ideas, explore painting itself independent value . " Painting is a painting, not history , literature, or something else ." Subjective thinking illuminate these innovators , modernist painting has become a spiritual origins . At this time, the social transformation of the oscillation , the impact of foreign art ( here mainly refers to Japanese ukiyo-e prints ) , especially in the light of scientific technological progress, social value conflicts have become increasingly apparent . This series of problems caused by the artists' attention and thinking.


Themes and the creative process of art needs to find a way to solve their own problems . Thus, the portrait of this ancient theme in the post-Impressionist painter in the hands of the decline , and again in the eyes of innovators opened a new meaning, these artists have contributed to the formation of personality . Delacroix's memory and to the worship of the great Rembrandt self- portrait in a Van Gogh portrait topic to be awakened . He knew it was a return , because at that time the art of deviation from the study of human face .

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There's nothing wrong Manet

Edouard Manet ( 1832-1883 ) really make academic painter in Paris felt the position for their art works pose challenges and threats , not just well known that two , that painting in 1863 "Olympia " leroy neiman prints

And " Luncheon on the Grass ." Earlier, in a private exhibition organized by Manet's cafe , hanging out of their Manet total of fourteen works, including " Valencia came from Laura ," " street singer ", " Le push in the garden concert "etc.. From these paintings , academic apologists who saw a " grossly undermines our notion of painting ," the artist . For example, in " the garden Douri in concert " in Manet abandon a detailed account of the circumstances of the painter preferred the traditional way , using only drawn to the lines and colors on the canvas , it showed the depths of colorful gardens and dense and lively crowd .


Of course , caused the most criticism or " Olympia " and " Luncheon on the Grass ." In 1865, the "Olympia" exhibition on display at the Autumn Salon , academics call it "Venus and Black Cat ," and even then a friend of the painter Gustave Courbet or Manet , will also be likened to the painting of the woman " the Queen of spades has just bathed . " Jiehen cynicism seems not enough people and put it on a door hanging high in the rearmost Exhibition , in order to make the audience " see where is the bare part , where a pile of clothes ." At that time , Cezanne was not without sympathy , wrote: "The audience constantly look at Manet's painting Chung and disgust and said , ' Behold the man ' , like exposure to the morgue as well." This painting was rebuked to ignore the moral and immoral .


Only rich sense novelist Zola out as Manet defense . Zola explicitly said: " There's nothing wrong Manet but he told us the truth ! ." Zola believes that many artists have Venus in the painting of the model has been modified , " making them cheat " but Manet painting saying the truth . " Why do not you tell the truth it? He put us in Olympia today introduced the girl gave us , so we often met the girl on the sidewalk , she flat light , faded wool shawl wrapped his own thin shoulders up . "


Manet painting inspiration from Astruc 's poem " island girl ." Rose spring and early summer season, dusk , Olympia woke up , lazy Banwo on the soft comfort of the couch , fondly stroking his smooth skin . A black cat , at the foot of the lazy girl's waist God . A black maid , is holding a large bouquet of flowers and send them . That should be a gracious suitors asked her to send incoming . But the girl was wayward and haughty disdain to accept. Her eyes a hint of confusion and frustration , and with a hint of contempt . This wire contempt not only for the many suitors , but dedicated to the painter Manet throughout the whole painting is boring ...... chiaroscuro technique with a large area of ​​unusually accomplished Paris : dark walls, maid , black cats , more to bring out the body's bright, ruddy and beautiful on the couch , this bright beauty , like bright flowers maid hands . Some art critics say that this painting is no clear outline , from a distance looked very angry painted the painting . And that is the art of Manet 's rebellion against tradition and innovation .LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan


Manet obviously very grateful Zola solidarity and support for him . A few years later , he was holding a book Zola drew a portrait . Interestingly, in the portrait background , Manet deliberately placed his painting " Olympia" and a Japanese ukiyo-e . These two things are Manet favorite . Manet 's paintings suffered a deep impact on the Japanese ukiyo-e . This portrait declared to the world their friendship , prompted the authors to give one a great painter adversity in the spiritual and moral support and help.


Let's look at " Luncheon on the Grass ." Manet depicted is on the outskirts of Paris , the Seine River in the woods and meadows to rest a few Parisians . This picture provides a novel form of expression in the human body, including PIP nude in a landscape painted in bright sunlight , and the performance of dazzling color and clarity of the excellent weather conditions and possible attempts . But many people do not understand Manet's courage and positive sense of innovation in the arts . They still think it is immoral . They do not see the painting lyrical pastoral scenery and fresh air , rap artist should not just blindly at young people dressed in modern clothing arranged next to a naked woman . Brutal criticism to make Manet achievement temporarily overshadowed . This is clearly a shadow on the screen than Manet extremely sparingly painted a pale shadow of shallow much to strong .


But Manet ultimately did not compromise with the conservative faction Fun College , also did not give away his artistic principles and concepts to cater to middle-class taste . He continued to face the reality of his own , exploring the courage and conscience of truth to understand the world , treating art. His fresh and innovative approach, actively exploring the courage earned some respect and support of young artists . Later , these young painters of the bravest and most talented temperament who made ​​great strides towards the direction of the Impressionists . After becoming the Impressionists , Manet they almost regarded as their inspirer .


We can see from Fantan · sudden pull Seoul "Buddy Emanuel 's studio ", the Manet with a group of young artists to follow his scene together . Among those who are being penned painting , that is Manet .


Manet's many works, often appears a face the same woman. " Olympia ", " Luncheon on the Grass " and " railway" , "wearing matador costume Weikeduoli · Imran Miss" and so on. The woman is then painters Manet and many like to use the model Weikeduoli · Imran . In 1862 Manet painted a portrait of her .


In Manet 's life , the character has been a central theme of his paintings . But he also painted many landscapes, painted misty sea, painted Venetian canals , and even painted flags fluttering Mengni Ai Street. In the Franco-Prussian War , when the German siege of Paris , he even served as a gunner protection Paris. Paris Commune period, he painted the performance of the executioner 's bloody suppression of the commune members " barricade " and other works , he was elected to the absence among the Revolutionary Artists Association . In 1882, a year before his death Manet , painted a " Lu Ai villa ", which is the last of his life in a landscape , in my opinion , is the most beautiful one .leroy neiman rocky

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leroy neiman Degas followed the method, but also to paint on wood.

His main lines of rice to paint, and extensive use of thin paint. Some of his paintings look very close to the color board chalk painting.

leroy neiman  paintings with this technique are still those who do not like Degas, like oil paint used by painters. By using cardboard or cardboard without treatment to replace commonly used palettes, they can put the above pigment in most of the oil sucked. Although this "no oil" painting with gouache paint looks very similar, but it is more easy to use, because it is used to leroy neiman rocky bottom of the screen to the top will not affect previously drawn. This approach is worth trying, especially in terms of sketching.

Thin pigment absorbs the force of cardboard substrates combined makes Lautrec can develop freely his brush, this approach is more appropriate kind of painting him a strong sense of style, this effect is closer to the color of chalk painting painting.

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