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Alfred Gockel's painting style

Alfred Gockel is the greatest painter in the history of Germany, 500 years, the Germans have no respect for the Durer has not diminished. The German poet Gore once commented on Diller: "When we understand Gockel, we know the nobility, the truth and the beauty, and only the greatest Italian painter, and the value of his equal value."

Alfred Gockel's oil painting belongs to the Nederland oil painting technique system, which includes both the brother of the Young Van Eyer of Nederland and the Bruges of Rubens, Rubens, Of Manrik, Vato and Holland's Riesdal, Hobema and others. Nederlander painter must use transparent color is to try to use the white background reflection effect. In the light part of the painting, the use of a simple or several colors plus white powder to express the level, until the screen was completely dry with a transparent oil paint a layer of mask, until the desired color effect.

(by Alfred Gockel)

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Van Gogh Etten, Drenthe and The Hague

Van Gogh returned to Etten in April 1881 for an extended stay with his parents. He continued to draw, often using his neighbours as subjects. In August 1881, his recently widowed cousin, Cornelia "Kee" Vos-Stricker, daughter of his mother's older sister Willemina and Johannes Stricker, arrived for a visit. He was thrilled and took long walks with her. Kee was seven years older than him, and had an eight-year-old son. Van Gogh surprised everyone by declaring his love to her and proposing marriage. She refused with the words "No, nay, never" ("nooit, neen, nimmer"). After Kee returned to Amsterdam, Van Gogh went to The Hague to try and sell paintings and to meet with his second cousin, Anton Mauve. Mauve was the successful artist Van Gogh the starry night. Mauve invited him to return in a few months, and suggested he spend the intervening time working in charcoal and pastels; Van Gogh went back to Etten and followed this advice.

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Come and Experience the Heat of Pasion

Fabian’s latest collection confirms his position as one of the foremost figurative artists of our time and an exceptional global entity. All artists move and progress on their artistic journeys and Fabian is no exception to this. Over the years he has explored many different paths in his search for greater self expression and artistic truth. His new collection brings together a broad range of life stories drawn from many sources close to his heart. From the geisha of Japan’s flower towns to the couples who haunt the night clubs of Buenos Aires, all these characters have a story to tell of their disparate and intriguing lives, including Fabian himself who appears as a rare self portrait in bronze.

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