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Jack Vettriano Pincer Movement

The first problem to be dealt with is the orientation of the body block and the body block. The headache is that there are sixteen different body blocks to consider: the entire body of the hand, the phalanx of each finger, the two phalanx of the thumb, and the palm. You must use the concept of body block to draw the shape of each part separately and determine its orientation or orientation. It is not surprising that beginners start to draw bad hands.

It is indeed difficult to sum up the bulk relationship of the entire hand, because these shapes are not always the same. For example, usually the back of the hand is curved, but the palm is placed face down on the table, and the entire hand becomes flat. You can see this by sticking your fingers. Also, the back of the hand becomes very long when it is bent, and becomes very short when it is opened. Because of the involvement of the scorpion tissue between the fingers, the palm seems to be longer than the back of the hand.


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