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the anti-anxiety medication known as Valium, in Kinkade’s blood.

May 9, 2012: An autopsy report released by the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office reveals “a lethal level” of alcohol, combined with benzodiazepine, the anti-anxiety medication known as Valium, in Kinkade’s blood.

It went on to say that Amy Pinto had found him unresponsive in his bed and called police at 11:15 a.m. She told authorities he had been drinking all night. “He was last known to be alive approximately four hours prior, ” the report said.

June 11, 2012: Court documents obtained by the Mercury News reveal that Amy Pinto had produced barely legible, handwritten notes that she says show Kinkade intended to leave her his Monte Sereno house and $10 million to establish a museum of his original paintings there. She also sought control of $66.3 million from Kinkade’s estate.

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Jack Vettriano moving out of Edinburgh

The luxurious £1.6 million town house sits in the heart of Edinburgh, with an array of restaurants and bars on its doorstep and a host of upmarket shops just a two-minute walk away on George Street. Estate agent Rettie, who are selling the property, describe it as: ‘A beautifully restored, classical Georgian town house with self-contained (one-bedroom) lower ground apartment, located in the centre of Edinburgh, with generous proportions and flexible living space
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painter of light -kinkade thomas

Mr. Kinkade referred to himself as the “painter of light,” usually with a trademark symbol, for naturalistic scenes with highlights that appeared to glow. Often his canvases were mass-produced prints to which he added small, brightly toned details. He made no apologies for commercializing the art field, comparing himself to million-sellers in, say, music and literature.

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