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The basic characteristics of Mark

The basic characteristic of Impressionism is that light and color are the centers of the world. With the deepening and development of scientific research, the people of the 19th century have understood that objects are presented in different colors because of their absorption and reflection of different light. All the objects will absorb the sun will be black, all reflected sunlight was white, reflecting the blue light waves and other light waves to absorb the blue and so on. Any object of nature must be influenced by the color of the light source and other objects in the surrounding environment, so there can be no absolute inherent color. The idea that the tree is green, the flower is the red concept, but only certain historical conditions of understanding in the scientific development of the 19th century, it is obviously out of date. People realize that even with the same light source, in the early morning and evening different times, will also have different color effects on the object. And the distance between the object and the light source, the angle of light, the surface finish of the object and other conditions will affect the color changes. The relationship between light and color is extremely complex and subtle. In this way, the concept of traditional solid color was completely broken.

These acquaintances prompted Impressionist painters to use colors boldly. They seek real and bright color effects, began to use color, color or color point juxtaposition of the way to describe the object. Such as red and blue juxtaposition and get bright purple. This impressionist painter's picture suddenly become bright and bright. If you put a classic oil painting with the Impressionist works, you will marvel at the achievements of the Impressionist painters in color. Because in their pictures really reflect the light and color of the infinite charm.

(by   Mark Spain)


Albert Bierstadt, the American guru who constantly climbs the creations

Albert Bierstadt climbing the road to creaking peaks is rugged and dangerous. Young painters in Antwerp and Flanders painters from the division after learning art, resulting in a strong desire to suppress, hoping to continue to climb the art of the peak. Rubens went to Italy - the birthplace of the Renaissance, painting, sculpture, architectural masterpiece made him ecstatic. Rubens worked diligently to study the frescoes of the great Raphael in the Vatican, to explore the lines and colors of the structure, rhythm and harmony of the mystery; he copied Titan and Venezuela's paintings, a taste of the Venetian painting tones The rugged work of Tintoretto made him understand the incredible ability to draw thumbsheets and the know-how of creating various sizes in the short term. However, Rubens's true idol is the creator of the Sistine Chapel murals Michelangelo. The young painter, Rubens, spent hundreds of hours in the Sistine Chapel, stunned by the strong rhythm of the "final judgment" and the great zenith painting, and every little picture above was hard To reach the peak of art! In short, just started the painter Rubens for the future to become master of art to do all the preparation. As a result, he really became an artist of art.

The mystery of Albert Bierstadt is simple. He knows and is good at depicting everything! He can use whatever he wants, direct the palette. Rubens solved the dilemma of the puzzle, as long as he was a big stroke, to see results. It is no wonder that the 19th century artists seem to have rediscovered Albert Bierstadt, which is not for no reason. His vivid and moving form, dazzling, simple and bright colors make people admire endless. Albert Bierstadt can use five or six colors in front of us to draw a magnificent symphony of human life, colorful rainbow. The great painter Rubens did indeed surpass the times!

(by Albert Bierstadt )

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Alfred Gockel's painting style

Alfred Gockel is the greatest painter in the history of Germany, 500 years, the Germans have no respect for the Durer has not diminished. The German poet Gore once commented on Diller: "When we understand Gockel, we know the nobility, the truth and the beauty, and only the greatest Italian painter, and the value of his equal value."

Alfred Gockel's oil painting belongs to the Nederland oil painting technique system, which includes both the brother of the Young Van Eyer of Nederland and the Bruges of Rubens, Rubens, Of Manrik, Vato and Holland's Riesdal, Hobema and others. Nederlander painter must use transparent color is to try to use the white background reflection effect. In the light part of the painting, the use of a simple or several colors plus white powder to express the level, until the screen was completely dry with a transparent oil paint a layer of mask, until the desired color effect.

(by Alfred Gockel)

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