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Alfred Gockel's painting style

Alfred Gockel is the greatest painter in the history of Germany, 500 years, the Germans have no respect for the Durer has not diminished. The German poet Gore once commented on Diller: "When we understand Gockel, we know the nobility, the truth and the beauty, and only the greatest Italian painter, and the value of his equal value."

Alfred Gockel's oil painting belongs to the Nederland oil painting technique system, which includes both the brother of the Young Van Eyer of Nederland and the Bruges of Rubens, Rubens, Of Manrik, Vato and Holland's Riesdal, Hobema and others. Nederlander painter must use transparent color is to try to use the white background reflection effect. In the light part of the painting, the use of a simple or several colors plus white powder to express the level, until the screen was completely dry with a transparent oil paint a layer of mask, until the desired color effect.

(by Alfred Gockel)

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