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Choose decorative painting secrets(TWO)

  •      Resting%20Lion-380x380.jpg In the restaurant with a lively joy Leroy neiman posters will bring you pleasure of eating mood. Whether it is the texture of tough wood tables and modern transparent glass dining table, as long as the style and color with the right mix, decorative paintings can complement each other and create a feeling of the table. Will be fruits, flowers and color combinations of abstract paintings hanging on the theme of the restaurant is quite popular now a mix of tactics.
  •       Plastered into the bathroom tile, inevitably people have stiff, cold feeling. It is engaged in the sale of decorative painting for six-year-old Miss Tang Caihong, and now more and more families began to hang decorative painting into the bathroom, with its soft feel stiff. Bathroom interior decorative painting must first have proof function. In the interior decoration drab, plain color than the bathroom, you might choose to hang a high saturation of color abstract or artistic nudes, painting size is not too large.
  •      Decorative painting hanging in the bedroom is not much but in essence, in a space of one or two visual highlight is sufficient. In the same wall if you need to hang three paintings, can be flat as a trapezoidal shape and arrangement gradually increased. A font looks strong integrity, simple and elegant, trapezoidal arrangement would seem patchwork, full-level changes. Hanging size, location depending on the ratio of the wall may be. To avoid visual fatigue, the painting hung at eye height flush more appropriate.
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