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Choose decorative painting secrets

Beautiful pieces hanging in the living room decorative painting, decorative effect both play a finishing touch, but also to create a warm atmosphere of life. With the decor reflects an important principle of personal taste is the choice of decorative painting.Portrait%20of%20the%20Lion-380x380.jpg


  •  Living room, usually in the opposite wall with the TV wall, the wall that is backed sofa will decorate 1-3 decorative painting. Due to the sofa in the living room is usually the protagonist, often centered on the sofa in the living room decorative painting choice. Neutral colors and light-colored sofa with warm colors for decorative painting, red and other bright colors of the sofa for comparison with similar or the same neutral tone color decorative painting. Consistent color tone, picture content close to the same specifications of the framed painting style is preferred in the living room. Both seem so varied throughout the living room but not so disorganized.
  • Bedroom, bedroom decor emphasizes romantic and elegant comfort. Previously, many people like to hang on the wall at the head of personal wedding photos or art, in fact, the body painting, flower paintings and abstract decoration is also a good choice bedside. In addition, because the choice of decorative painting bedroom bed styles differ. Clean lines, wood grain surface of the plate with a three-dimensional bed fit with modern texture border and decorative painting. Soft thick soft bed frame you need the optional fine texture chilled decorative painting, visual contrast to highlight the decorative effect.
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