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Less than a third of the print job has been outsourced

Began printing more and more electronic databases to drive its own print production, such as: tea packaging and wine packaging retailers are now able to provide customers with digital printing services, a trend that will affect the digital printing shop development of. All print production are put into a substance on a substrate, except when it is outside when ancillary services.Basketball%20Superstars-380x380.jpg
     Printing industry in recent years, the increase in revenue does not come from the ink or toner into the paper on traditional printing services, but from those new services, such as: LeRoy Neiman posters, mail, packages, databases, and other ancillary services. In total income for all print jobs, the short version and time-critical jobs accounted for 45%; the short version, but do not ask for time jobs accounted for 9%; the long version and time-critical jobs accounted for 34%; long version but less demanding job on time, 19%; other types of jobs accounted for 3%. Thus, less than a third of the print job can be outsourced.

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