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Domestic impact of the printing industry

The past four years, driven by domestic demand as one of China's rapid economic advancement of the troika, the performance has been poor, especially this year, China emerged a wave of shoes and apparel industry closures and closed shopElephant%20Charge-380x380.jpg tide, you can clearly reflect China's weak domestic demand. In recent years, such as Jingdong Lynx popular electricity supplier also reflects the status quo of Chinese common people are retrenching from the other side.
     Entering 2015, due to depressed rural economy for two consecutive years, the domestic market accounted for 600 million rural population will continue to weaken. City residents are subject to price increases, mortgage, polarization and exacerbate the unemployment crisis and other factors, but also difficult to change the spending power. Therefore, the next year, the main domestic market Leroy Neiman posters, shoes packaging, cosmetic packaging as a whole will be shrinking trend.

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