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2015 Leroy Neiman posters exports may face risks

It is worth noting that in the ideal state of the foreign trade market, if similar incidents occur as Russia, China's foreign trade may be a vent miles. The main assumptions for 2015 above baseline forecast and export include: economic growth in developed countries in 2014 from 1.8% to 2.3% in 2015; our macroeconomic policies to maintain continuity and stability; RMB real effective exchange rate basically stable .

If the foreign economic growth rate significantly higher than expected, will help to improve the situation of China's export Leroy Neiman posters. The main downside risks to China's exports, including the United States and efforts to raise interest rates faster than expected, geopolitical and other factors led to a marked deterioration in the international economic situation, the international exchange rate fluctuations lead to significant appreciation of the real effective exchange rate.

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