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American Dream of Truth-Rocky Balboa

In the US, there is a destitute young man, even in the body all together enough money to buy a decent suit, when the dream still wholeheartedly insisted his mind, he wanted an actor, movie, when the star .

At that time, a total of 500 studios in Hollywood, he counted one by one, and more than once. Later, he carefully delineated according to their own line and aligned sequence list, with a tailor-made script written himself went to visit. But first pass down all 500 movies no one willing to hire him company.

Faced with rejection hundred percent, the young man did not lose heart, after being rejected from the last one out of the film company, and from the first he re-started his second round of visits continued recommend and self.Rocky%20Balboa-380x380.jpg

In the second round of the survey, 500 film company still refused him.

Visit the result is still the same as the third round of the second round. The young man began to bite his fourth round of visits, when visiting finished after the first 349, the first 350 film company boss promised unprecedented willing to let him leave first look at the script.

A few days later, the young notified and asked him to go to discuss in detail.

At the talks, the company decided to invest in start shooting the movie, and asked the young man as his own screenplay written by the actor.

The movie is called "Rocky Balboa."--(Rocky-Balboa-prints for sale

The young man's name is called Xi Weisi Stallone. Now open film history, this is called "
Rocky Balboa." movies and the future superstars are popular all over the world list.

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