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Manuscripts reflect a true and intimate side of LeRoy neiman

I have known for years and LeRoy Neiman , after his death his colleague Tara Zabor in LN studio in New York found that dozens of LN manuscript , never published before these manuscripts after his death I carefully studied these works , one of which Zhang is very appealing to me , the painting was created in 1949-1952 years, I've never seen this kind of style LeRoy creative works, but very compelling. So I think in the end , how many good works have never been published . These manuscripts reflect the dark side of LeRoy privacy .LeRoy Neiman such private manuscript reflects the creation of his real and intimate side, no extra but purely for their own purpose for such creations , so I made ??an ingenious proposition - how to reflect an artist 's manuscript real and intimate side, and how these translate into work to show to the public . If there are arts organizations will be able to realize this idea , it would be kind of situation ? Just a regular exhibition or those exposed to the public before the creation of private form of subversion is not the same ? And this in turn mean? These problems are waiting for us to find the answer , it is an interesting experience.


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