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Oil painting "flat wiping " painting of Jack-Vettriano

Jack-Vettriano Instead of painting with " dry brush " , "flat wiping " pursue painting pen marks without any smooth glass -like picture effect.
"Flat wiping " painting requirements are as follows :
( 1 ) The first is the selection of fine textured linens , doing foundation repeatedly polished with sandpaper , in order to fine texture.
( 2 ) at any stage of the works are drawn not use thick coating , and prone to significant stroke painting .
( 3 ) try to avoid using liquid toner , especially thick polymerized toner medium. To use fresh oil color , slightly diluted with turpentine resin can be.
( 4 ) sketch papers must be accurate and clear.
( 5 ) The first layer Oil paints use a clean uniform strokes drawn , there can uplift, the color should be fully reconciled.
( 6 ) in the coloring process to make more use of the fan-shaped pen color disappearing, small painting roller and cotton cloth can also come in handy.
( 7 ) requires to give a smooth surface , multi-layer painting is necessary, by the rich layers of color up .
( 8 ) "flat wipe " technique is only used as a part of the painting process for the best, because too many levels


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