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Da Vinci sketch drawn spine is believed to be the first time an accurate description of the spine.

Abraham Adams said that Leonardo da Vinci painted the exact

structure of the spine and spinal curvature and inclination

between. Leonardo da Vinci painting sketch enough to lay status

in the history of the study of anatomy. As a two-dimensional

image, the accuracy with which the current image is comparable

to any of the spine.
In addition to the spine sketch, the Leonardo da Vinci's many

human anatomy have contributed to the boundaries of anatomy

studies. In addition to the skull, but he was all the bones in

the human body were dissected leaves precious research and

written records. Abraham Adams said that Leonardo da Vinci was

an outstanding architects and engineers, which can help him

understand the structure and workings of the human body. He

said: "This mechanical science and engineering research methods

was very popular in the field of surgery over the past five or

six decades."


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