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Painting preservation process Precautions

If a painting of maintenance the right way, can be hundreds of pictures does not change color, on the contrary, it is the color layer cracking may occur, loss and discoloration. In the end how to protect the canvas does not suffer damage it? First, the back of the canvas can be coated with two layers of thin pre-dissolved natural beeswax in turpentine, so completely immersed prevent moist air and cause injury; secondly, painting the most taboo term direct sunlight, because UV damage of color very large, this will make it fade and change color; third, storage room ventilation painting must be better, pay attention to prevent damage caused by dust and mildew on the canvas, the room needs to maintain a certain range of temperature and humidity; Finally, avoid painting the two images on stickers, once temperatures are likely to make the picture stick together causing damage paint off the screen.

(by leroy neiman)

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