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History of Western painting Nine: Emperor governance revolution(3)

Nineteenth-century German painter 


In Germany, the 15th and 16th century, after a lot of great jack vettriano game on artists in the entire Baroque era, Rococo era painter can say that did not produce worthwhile especially made​​; But the nineteenth century, around the Pre-Raphaelite movement , but a few noteworthy painter. Nasa Lie faction launched the British Pre-Raphaelite painter Alex bridleways Blanc during the sojourn in Rome, there are two German painter and his acquaintance. One is the Fremont Deli He Orwell Baker (FriedrichOverbeck, 1789-1869), and the other is Kornai Cornelius (Peter von Cornelius, 1783-1867). Both German painter influenced German Romanticism, the early nineteenth century to Rome, into Isidor Castro monastery, like painting, like Gericault security of its monks live introspection and endure a life of suffering, and the study of ancient art, which was the conclusion that the previous works of Raphael, almost ideal art; However, according to their opinion, can not be said Raphael previous work is real, it is natural, because the heart is full of the ancient art of piety, so that is ideal. In other words, their position and bridleways Alex Blanc is completely different, but their conclusion is consistent. Seems to say, Blanc heard the conclusions of these two German painter, so get the hint, founded the Pre-Raphaelite doctrine. If by Orville Cornelius Baker and Kornai insights after Raphael art indeed the correct body painted and beautiful, but it does promote the temptations of the flesh, leading the life of depravity, which is the art of the devil; therefore, they avoid the study of human  fear, but penance and worked hard to improve the spirit of outstanding artistic creation, we can cite Kornai Cornelius's "commentary Paul Joseph's Dream" as an example; however, their art, realism inevitably leave As a result, the form is then gradually fall, and become jack vettriano uk lifeless things. We put these two religious people-centered romantic painter, called Nasa Lie pie. Kornai Cornelius back to Germany after living in Rome, he served as Dean of the School of Fine Arts in Munich, his great influence. Between direct accept his teachings in the nineteenth-century German painter who very much. If Kaulbach (Kaulbach) a painting Bismarck, Wilhelm I, Moltke, who is famous portrait of Lunba He (Lenbach, 1836-1904), based on the Greek myth to "sail" famous Anselm fee Er Baha (Anselm Feuerbach, 1829-1880), and so on. 


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