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Emperor governance revolution

William Morris (William Morris, 1834-1896) is one of Rossetti's younger generation. But although Morris is a painter, but it is mainly dedicated to arts and crafts, with the Jones's drawings for the beautiful carpet, working glass painting, pottery, jack vettriano prints furniture, book binding and other aspects. Engaged in such work outside, you can not forget is that he participated in Ruskin as the center of "America's socialist movement." It is said that "the contradictions of modern society, ugly life is mechanical civilization and material prosperity over the inevitable result of" material and deserted due to give the people's hearts with beautiful things, art things. If people's hearts, moisturize, social problems will be solved jack vettriano The Singing Butler automatically! Therefore, the daily household appliances, furniture, clothing, etc.,  must be too cheap and poor quality, and therefore, arts and crafts has become an important aspect. Critic Edward Carpenter, poet Keats, Oscar Wilde, and so participated in the campaign in an attempt to publicize the whole of Europe.



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