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History of Western painting Nine: Emperor governance revolution

 especially in the study of Rubens, van Dyck's work, started using luxury magnificent colors after and David far more artistic, and proved he painted "Jaffa plague" can understand. So many people say is linked Gro classicism and jack vettriano romanticism intermediate painter. Emperor Napoleon's political downfall, when Wang created Gro did not like David, are deported. Not only that, but was appointed to the baron, commissioned by the great temple decorative ceilings. David exile in Brussels, seeing sustenance avid Gro unwittingly from classical feel extremely sorry, he wrote several times, prompting Gro introspection, and Gros found himself betrayed by Mr. doctrine and unbearable self responsibility; but after Almagro's character is not classical, contradictions can not be freed due to join the Seine, he finally committed suicide, which is very sad people. JeanAugust lngres Gro character can not be fully considered in the classicist, JeanAugust lngres it can be said that David's round after round of successor. But his early paintings, Raphael previous pure simple style, so the time was David and other classicist considered heresy. "Paul and Francesca" is the work of that period. Twenty-six, JeanAugust lngres went to Italy to study painting, after eighteen years he lived in Italy, one side research masters Raphael and other works, side buried committed to the creation; Even during this time, he also kept Paris sent their works on display at the exhibition. David is very happy, JeanAugust lngres artistic leaps and bounds closer to classicism. Finally ended when JeanAugust lngres 44 studies, returned to Paris, was already recognized as a classical generals. At that time, in France, in addition to classical painting, Romantic exuberant vitality began flourishing, it is almost unstoppable force. That's because David exile in Brussels, it is important Gro, as mentioned earlier, has been isolated outside the orthodox classicism. Romantic art take advantage of. Just this time, JeanAugust lngres bring years of research, from the country of art, classical country of Italy returned, so many classicist immense joy to meet him. JeanAugust lngres returned to Paris after the generals as classical, full of talent. For example, published a "spring", "Oakey Jacobs", "Jiya En · Dahlke" and painting an accurate picture, showing jack vettriano Yesterday Dreams the characteristics of classicism. According to him, drawings, correct form of painting is the most important; colors so you can even disregard the beauty, therefore, Rubens and Van Dyck gorgeous color art is meaningless; Even Gro's Painting is the same. JeanAugust lngres published this dignified natural doctrine, an enemy to fight it romantic. And "Jiya En · Dahlke" can be considered works of claims embodied JeanAugust lngres, describing the extreme right, Jiya En · Dulck armor, props and so long as it is seeing the interior of an object are extremely precise and accurate picture out of the result, it gives a cool feeling; Because neoclassical spirit that is so. As previously mentioned characteristics of classicism, classical paintings, is discarded personal feelings, harmony sensibly be portrayed as its ideal, is bound to focus on the sketch; colors are emotional things, so to be excluded. In this respect, indeed, and art school in Florence, Italy is similar. By contrast, romantic paintings, but it is the color of life and to the Venetian Spirax same.


























(by jack vettriano uk)

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