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History of five Western painting: Renaissance of Flanders, France and Germany

Renaissance Europe not only happen in Italy, other countries also appeared Renaissance movement. 


(A) Netherlands 


Thirteen, and four century, after Italy, the Netherlands jack vettriano uk public forces is thriving place. Netherlands is now called the Netherlands, Belgium, where these places, because it is located in Western Europe traffic arteries, so business 




As we all know, these places facing the ocean, as long as the boat loading, it can be shipped anywhere in the United Kingdom, France and the Nordic country; addition, it is divided into several tributaries of the Lower Rhine, flows through these places, anadromous and on, you can 



Direct Germany, France, as well as in  Switzerland. jack vettriano The Singing Butler Because it is so convenient transportation place very early trade, the rise of craft, thirteen, and four centuries has appeared several free city. The so-called freedom of the city, is rich 

















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