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Claude Monet

Monet aware of their visual ability and the problems of how to behave, he put his experience to push to the limit. In the process, he faced being misunderstood, the risk of being distorted. Once, an extremist who opposed his style, deliberately  leroy neiman rocky in front of a lot of people, holding his paintings upside down to everyone, said: "We see how well this piece of painting, can also be hung upside down, sideways Hanging is possible. "tone of his best teasing irony. But then again admire him was amazed at his keen powers of observation. Therefore, it is sometimes almost see him as a mechanical eye, sometimes seen as a machine capable of scientific accuracy, faithfully recorded some visual impression (even Cezanne also said: "Monet is only an eyes, but My God, what kind of a binocular ah ");! sometimes seen as an overly rational theory of painting with armed revolutionaries; even be seen as a skilled decorative painter, he was in those last The paintings on display his talent, but lack the solemn style.


These comments inevitably unfair, he is not only talented, but also poetic, feeling fine, full of charm. Monet was the first to realize the visual and emotional observed intrinsic link between reality and portrayed, and the nature and basis of such a link is Impressionism.


We talked about the "impression" and only refers to the visual phenomenon, but also refers to this phenomenon in the minds of the artists evoke emotions, to get rid of pragmatic way of looking at things, we will first see what we want to  LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan see. Monet loved outdoor sun, the crowd and the vitality of things. His lively and happy spirit of nature, to express his love, in the process, he also felt the love, because he would have found due to the United States in the eyes and look Fengyang, his soul is more profound than anything else to experience this beauty, and for this purpose very excited.


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