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October 4, 1814, the outstanding French realist painter Miller, was born on the Normandy peninsula Tan in a remote rural area - Gelu Shi. As parents, the eldest son, he had eight brother and sister. His father was a farmer, in leroy neiman rocky  farming, while the church served as Gulaiweier choral conductor, which is a thoughtful, gentle man. Mother was born in wealthy farmers, uncle is a priest, but also a scholar, have deep knowledge in chemistry, he also runs a flour mill, is a very unique character. Because of the many Miller brothers, family life stages, but they have paid attention to faith, sincere man, so full of love among members of warmth, in Miller's family, there are a lot of books. Made a small shepherd boy, all work in the fields with his father Miller, a space, sit down and read. In spirit, to give him the greatest impact uncle and grandmother. Grandmother was a devout Catholic.


Miller, like painting, in the fields of labor, and to observe things around him, often taking the time to paint. In his 19-year-old that year, in order not to bury his father's artistic talent, determination, called him to receive professional education. So after the Cherbourg Millet asked them to give a sketch artist Mu Xieer see two hand in Miller, for his exceptional artistic qualities, surprised that million toward the LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan direction of the artist's long overdue development. After that period with the teacher to learn, when Miller returned home, still participate in the fields of labor. Later, he gave his friend Sang rest of the letter, wrote: he has been to 21 years ago, is a laborer.


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