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Life focused on the woman's body - Picasso's erotic paintings


In these erotic paintings can also be seen Picasso - born in the main woman: his first love Phil Nantes · Aolieweiai, his wife Olga Kirk Petrova, one wearing his muse Mary Levin hereby · Ward, female photographer Abdullah Maya Er, Françoise one Kilo reluctant idol  leroy neiman rocky around his life, and his marriage in 1962 accompanied Jacqueline Locke later life . "Love the woman everywhere." When two-year-old Pablo Picasso early into the big cities, there is no gas from the township, it said so.


He put those women with their own lives, a lot, as well as their love scenes are vividly manifested in Nature paper, neither taboo nor prejudiced, because for him, everything - most secret thoughts The most suppressed desires - as long as the will draw, can all be clean breast of. It also gives a form of subconscious demons, it released.


1994 Museum of Modern Art in New York opened an exhibition of Picasso portraits, and then went on to exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris,  LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan a total of one hundred forty-three portraits, but also let people see the effects of the above-mentioned six Picasso style Women, it seems that the line was actually a bold zigzag nudes archetypal characters like the elegant standard.





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