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Michelangelo's timeless charm

The British Museum recently held a Michelangelo sketch show was a huge success, advance ticket sales hit a record since the opening of the leroy neiman rocky museum. With a mere 90 sketches - and difficult to see, because there are so many people to see, you almost can not conspire to draw near to see - the British Museum in six months time attracted more than 150,000 visitors . To meet the strong requirements of the audience, this 250-year-old was the first time the museum had opened on Saturday night to midnight.



Critics all joy. "Evening," declared: "This is a totally called pilgrimage-style experience." "Sunday Times" said:. "It will allow you to LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan experience again and again thrilling feeling" Some other newspapers also have to spend a "can not miss", "shocking", "absolutely fantastic" and "amazing" and other words to describe this exhibition. The face of such and such kind words of speech, and even like to be a compliment Michelangelo probably have shied away from it.



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