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Reflections on the status of the development of oil painting

After the reform and opening up, with Western thought exchange collisions, by going out and coming in, China's oil painting presents a new pattern. On the one hand is a fine tradition of European painting to devote themselves to study, just LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan 30 years has reached a considerable height, greatly deepened Chinese painting performance capabilities; the other is transverse to explore modern Western painting, drawing study of modern Western Marxism, postmodernism and other genres, expanding the artistic horizons. Changes in social values ​​and aesthetic philosophy, the Chinese landscape painting showing a lively situation diversified development.


Of course, the development process will inevitably encounter new problems. From here, the reality of today's oil painting starting a few comments.


Critical is not equivalent to vent personal feelings



Social development needs of the modern realist oil painting Modern Transformation conducted. The question is how to restructure turned what direction? Become part of the artist, including some names, driven by economic leroy neiman rocky interests, to meet the individual's small world, the lack of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, is stagnating on art.


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