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Development and Prospect of Chinese realistic painting

Paintings from Europe , first introduced into China in the Ming Dynasty . At that time , the Western part of the expansion LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan of the activities of Catholic missionaries actively join the expedition of the East , their missionary process, intentionally or unintentionally to Western science and culture into China . As a major branch of Western art painting also subsequently be passed in this period. But then the feudal and backward society , the slow development of painting in that era . Widespread in China began painting in the late Qing Dynasty , a large number of patriotic youth movement under the influence of culture , the desire to get rid of the shackles of tradition and repression , hoping to find a new way to save the nation from peril increasingly painting , so full of intense passion for painting of they went to Europe, America and Japan and other countries to learn to accept this new form of painting at the same time nurturing the domestic introduction of painting techniques , introduce everyone and their theories paintings , oil paintings and expanded greatly facilitated the spread and impact in China. After a short period of hundred years in time, painting rooted in China and has become a major force in art .



As an art form , realist painting is a painting process of the formation and development of the main components , occupies a major position in the history of European painting . Since the Renaissance , after classical realist painting , romanticism leroy neiman rocky , realism, impressionism and modern art of various genres and enduring, arguably the most important expression of European paintings form the core . Compared with other art forms of Chinese painting , printmaking, sculpture , painting and more good to be subtle images portray . Because of its focus on the object volume and sense of space and rich colors, strong performance, and therefore , the pursuit of truth , can truly depict realistic form of objective things, objects become a big advantage painting . Jin Shangyi said: " studying painting, it 's not realistic to learn the most important thing is equal to the lost ."

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