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Raphael's religious and mystical spiritual experience

3 Sistine Madonna and Transfiguration of Christ - . Lesser our suffering Lord


 Appreciation many paintings by Raphael think too happy. His ratio of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo , very young inner conflict is solved , so rarely reveal that superhuman strength to promote the great soul. His paintings fine arts clever technology , but not as deep feelings or beliefs .


 His response to the Pope needs , but also to discuss the pope joy , the joy of swinging between Notre Dame and his mistress , to reconcile the pagan and Christian beliefs, he did not delve into the mystery of life and sense of conflict or beliefs , as long as the passion of his life and joy, beauty of creation and ownership, loyalty to friends and lovers . He gives us tranquility , not to ask questions, not to manufacture doubt , do not create fear , he will not be a conflict between sense and sensibility , or contradiction between body and soul , he sees all opposition coordination. His art will all idealistic , religious , women, music , philosophy , history, and even war , his own life too well -being.


 This comment is absolutely right to do ?


 Late Raphael paintings reveal a little different from the past style clues.


 One is his Sistine Virgin ( painting in the Sistine II Pope named ) . Unlike past Notre Dame Sistine Madonna grandchildren type , Raphael Sistine let people walking slowly to the Virgin .


 In order to make the altar of Our Lady of people have moved to make sense of Raphael paintings level viewpoint there are three ( small angels, saints , the Virgin of each into a flat point of view ) , so the more the viewer to draw closer, the more the people of the Virgin way . In addition, the proximity to abandon the general law , so that the distance between people painting very vague , like if virtual reality , and stability in the composition of the pyramid , with elliptical motion melody ( through clothes wrinkled and color arrangements ) .LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan


 This forms the most important Renaissance abandoned to watch the Notre Dame calamity not just absolutely beautiful concept , it is possible to rely on people close to the Virgin , is in her weeping Virgin, is what does it mean ?


We look at his last piece of work . The painting is said to Raphael asked his dying front end of the bed so that he could look at the death . Can be said to be the artist's last words .



 Theme of the work is " Transfiguration of Christ " ,leroy neiman rocky which is described in the Son of God in Christ, who display their beauty . Rafael Shence Christ in glory , witnessed the next two disciples painted this scene , however , the earth beneath the painting but painting riots : prostitutes criminals, paralytic patients with epilepsy .... They handles are pointing or face looking up at him , for them, the Transfiguration of Christ , not just a historical story , but their lives were eagerly looking forward to the urgent need to constantly crave .


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