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History of a Western painting: primitive times

Since when humans started painting has been unable to ascertain . However, from today to examine the relics found , probably in two years or fifteen thousand years ago , someone had to paint it. Two years ! How distant past , our history can not but draw from a distant era . According to geologists ,leroy neiman rocky prints the earth once had a very cold times, throughout Europe , almost all covered with snow , the Alps across a very large glacier . Today there are still traces of the presence of ice , it is said that the remains of that era . In this era of cold , arctic animal habitat in Europe bears, reindeer , etc. In addition , there are wolves, cows, horses, sheep and other animals have the ability to cold . Then of course, inhabited, and they have a lower level of culture , for example , in order to fight and animals , has been known wielding sticks, throwing stones , also know by making flint ax or knife, making daily use of simple tools , but also try to for linear carved in reindeer bone and horn , and then invented the bow and arrow. As a result , humans suddenly strong, overwhelming the other animals , and gradually move to high culture . Hunting era paintings in 

order to obtain human food to sustain life , had to hunt animals. Not just for food , because it is the era of the cold , but also need to use animal fur cold. In addition, in order to avoid human snow , living in caves , and the lights illuminating the raw material used , but also animals, especially reindeer fat . That is, for humans, hunting animals is the only means of livelihood and means of production . Take a look at the art of the times, you can understand and everything about life and human hunting . As mentioned earlier ,LeRoy Neiman Mickey Mantle humans have been known carved with a knife on a reindeer bone and horn ; But what they are carved image? The image of all animals : horses, reindeer , cattle, salmon and so on. These works are called line engraving , carving may be classified as part ; but the shape of the object is the performance on a plane , so it can be said that painting. However, in a more pure painting very well , and that is Spain Altamira cave wall paintings of bison , reindeer fat is to burn the lights get paint fumes , but also with vermilion powder with color, paint a very vivid , which has " stormed bison ," Yang angle bow pediment go forward , energetic and sporty. The thought of 15,000 to 20,000 years ago has been so wonderful paintings, people can not help but marvel . Apart Altamira , as painting hunting era , also include River Garonne in France where bison found . These works are extremely realistic . In order to realistically and vividly portrayed the shape of the object must be quite profound observation and research of the objects. Primitive times hunters Is there such meticulous observation it? Indeed, they are very familiar with the shape of animals and animal habits. Because for them, hunting animals is almost the only means of livelihood , and the cattle, horses, reindeer was still violent wildlife ; to hunt them, people have to risk their lives , so they have to cattle, horses , reindeer and other actions , habits very careful. Living creating art ! Thus , the nation's arts house hunting can be a good grasp of the characteristics of each animal can be depicted extremely lively .


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