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Li Bai


Li Bai ( 701 to 762 ) of the Tang Dynasty poet. Word Bai, No. Ching Lin Buddhist . Mianzhou Cosmos ( now Sichuan Jiangyou ) people ( see pictures Jiangyou hometown of Li Bai Longxi hospital ) . His father Lee passengers, life story is unknown. When wealthy young Li Bai , light Choi Hirsch . Some researchers speculate that the modern father of Li Bai Li due to business customers in the Western wealth , but there is no conclusive evidence .Leroy neiman brooklyn bridge





Li Bai boyhood learning range is very wide, in addition to the Confucian classics , masterpieces of ancient literature and history , but also philosophers browse hundreds of books , and the "good sword " ( " and Han Jingzhou " ) . He has long believed that the then popular Taoism , like the reclusive mountain , Immortality School Road ; simultaneously make contributions to political ambitions there , claiming to be "Shen Yan 's talk tube , seeking surgery emperors , Fen its smart , willing Fubi make atlas area calmed down, the sea county Seiichi " ( " less government on behalf of Bangladesh Shoushan A shift instrument " ) . On the one hand hermit gods do transcend this world , on the one hand to do Fubi minister monarch , was born and contradictions which formed the WTO . But actively to the WTO, the country concerned , the mainstream thinking of his life ,LeRoy Neiman American Gold but also constitute the ideological foundation of his work progress content. Li Bai Shu adolescence written in poetry , retained very little , but like " visiting priests wear Tianshan not met ," " Song of the Emeishan month " and other papers, has shown outstanding talent.


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