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Traditional freehand concept contemporary transformation required

Recent period , freehand painting style increasingly popular , LeRoy Neiman Mickey Mantle both Chinese painting , or painting, or printmaking or watercolor , tend Freehand . As the name suggests , "write" to emphasize that a writing , that is painterly , "meaning " refers to the emotions of the artist chest , "write" is the methods and means , "meaning" is the target point . However , in the study of contemporary painters or explore freehand painting process, often trifles , stay in the methods and means , the use of lines , color matching, points, lines , etc. constitute the surface to see the screen or modern , or elegant , or Degage , or a little guilty , it seems very conception , but essentially trying to convey the painter 's "meaning " is often a traditional painter "write" the rich connotation obscured . Over time, the artist convey the " meaning" of the impulse also increasingly faded, eventually even completely lost.



Freehand painting is a traditional Chinese painting , LeRoy Neiman American Gold Painting corresponds , not for neat and meticulous, and argue that the abundance concise form , focusing on expressing aspirations of images and personal charm . The Song Han Zhuo said, " there is a simple pen and meaning full person ", referring to " impressionistic ." Since Southern Qi Sheikh Six Principles put forward in the " paintings " and since everyone's experience on behalf of the practice and theoretical exploration comb , impressionistic law gradually formed a theory of aesthetics and painting systems , how to use a pen with a line , how to run a patterned how to ink colors , how to create habitat , has a set of methods and programs. This is for future generations to provide a rich learning content , but over- stylized "write" method also weakened expression of the artist , " meaning" . The emergence of literati painting freehand drawing into a rich ideological connotations. Some frustrated in officialdom ancient literati , by depicting flowers , fish and insects , animals or the natural landscape , excretion mind depressed , expressing the artist away from the earth , immersed in the natural freedom of mind. Su is extremely respected literati painting to express the "meaning" of . In his " Eight Views Fengxiang " On the Road : " Wu Sheng ( Daozi ) , although wonderful , Utah to painters on Mount interrogate ( Wang Wei ) as we got outside , like a fairy Ge Xie Long Fan . ." This "like outside ." mean that the artist wants to express "meaning ." Modern Painters CHEN SHIZENG put literati painting "meaning" clearly summarized as: character, knowledge, talent and ideas. Therefore literati painters paintings of great importance to the effort , "write" outside "meaning " rather than draw attention to itself , nor "write" itself.


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