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What lack of contemporary Chinese calligraphy


What contemporary Chinese calligraphy missing ? This is a problem , I see this topic , I felt a bit mean, but also know that this topic is probably not something to talk about , at least in this current environment, there is always a variety of people to As there is a wide variety of ideas, there is avoided , there is thus in terms of its other , there is a hit to see Haha , I think , I can imagine , this is in network media career since an unconscious feeling.leroy neiman prints


I also know that many people will always talk about all aspects , has thus know that this community can only say good , but can not say critics , therefore, saw it ha ha , that is more natural and simple.


If you follow what I mean talk, I probably have an idea of the three aspects of the subject do not know do not cut cut editing , whether lying empty , I have to say , than actually , there are nearly a year , and now this feeling useless , overemphasize that 's it. Think , really cool.


I now have two things every day to give yourself peace of mind , one walk one hour every morning to go to work , but not too much , three kilometers , presumably , on more than one thousand kilometers a year, the ancients said , traveling thousands of miles , so the original you can drop , this is really laughing Sharen . Another thing is to cross the road, grandfather grandmother always hear of anything , I will be very natural holding their hands together across the road . So , it seems no different , nothing big , but this morning , I am on the road, but thinking about what is missing in this Chinese calligraphy theme , I think, I was thinking from three aspects , namely social groups, and second, media , the three individuals .LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan


I said , now Chinese calligraphy society organizations , many of them lack the public mind . I do not know , Sun Yat-sen handwritten Tianxiaweigong how many pieces of work , but I could believe it , most people are afraid to hang , why not say more . I would not say all , but I dare say that most of the social groups, national , provincial , county , etc., should be a lot , I think most would not say that he was a member of his society services , even if there is , it is only on the Articles written by the mouth said, really do , I think , certainly , it is difficult to see, you can see a President, a Secretary- mighty , you can see a member of the a President, a Secretary-General said before , I am your membership so, think about it, a scene look like ?


Blinded by greed , lack of public spirit . I do not know , there is no free lunch , it is said that where , but I 'm sure , definitely not Chinese language , this will not come from a history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization , I do not know why, as great a nation 's people , as the text of this important national heritage of civilization represented by vector calligraphy and with this in the name of social groups , why, there will be such a phrase in circulation , presumably , also spread to others the strike.


I do not know what the name of societies exist is to Chinese cultural heritage , or for the country, for the people, or for the benefit of the existence of certain people , I think , probably , on behalf of the existence of different time , certainly is not the same , and the same or not the same after this , there is a lot of interest groups , everyone's interests uneven , and began to pull the hill , you sing your song, I spectrum of my music, their own way, I do not know , What is this . For their own interests , at obliterate the achievements of their predecessors , to establish their own signs, and even his own preferences, as an advocate , and even now, and do not know what is right and what is wrong era atmosphere . I think, from that point on , we Chinese calligraphy societies , there is a responsibility. The lack of public spirit , and is a little heavy .


Turning now to the media , because I am also a media person , so I say this , my face a little red , but I still say , why, I remember a long time ago , I said one thing , that is to say the truth , there must be conscience , I think , now the media is the lack of social responsibility and social conscience.


Media , I think it should be a community, should be an important tool for cultural heritage and passing , in such a historic mission , I think, a social conscience and social responsibility , is a very important part .


I do not know what the media charging system from the beginning, of course , to the present, public occasions , there is no media toll this assertion. But in fact there is , I think, this is not to deny everyone . Pay is good, I think this fall is understandable, media people paid labor, for a fee , I think , nothing wrong with it at the moment such a social environment, we have become natural. The problem is that after the media charges, your social responsibility and social conscience is not because of money but Helenians short hand , if there is , it is a problem.


Another , some media , for their own interests , whether political , social or personal interests ...... and so on, a series of nothing less than a benefit to the word , I did not know , as a media person, how to locate their identity , scholars , businessmen , artists , brokers, politicians . . . . . ? A series of questions , people very confused, if they have all these identities , I do not know , social responsibility and social conscience of the media , how to achieve. Media ideological, because all sorts of benefits , how to face. So since , as a media person , whether , it will feel like thorn in the side , whether , it will feel to live up to the social status conferred by media people ?


Third, when it comes to individuals. Now the vast majority of people are like when it comes to individuals, I think, because society is too far away , so recently from the people , from this perspective, we have been mentioned in Chinese calligraphy , referring to our beloved art, will from our personal talk , and many people are rarely comes to himself. I want to say is what Chinese calligraphy missing, the individual, is the lack of insight . Our forefathers Appreciating the wise, knowing the next . Under the current social context of this intricate , well-developed information technology, so that we did not like the Huai headed for Trinidad and seeking to subtlety , derived from sitting at home really interesting . In addition there is a word called wealthy , as Baoji hide, we now calligraphy people , many of them holding a skill , but deliberately virtuoso , journeyed retractable always make you feel , what is exquisite . In many , I actually feel so boring , and why, in fact , calligraphy is very profound , just to know that Mr Liu Zhengcheng editor of " The Complete Works of Chinese Calligraphy ," there 108 volumes, take decades , or even a lifetime to pay, will have such success , think , we are now calligraphers , there are several , read one , two ? How much of Chinese calligraphy and really understand ? I think this is a problem , from this point of view , to say, probably is, we often say , lack of culture. But I think that will not be so profound that I have often said , the academic term , not willingly use, why, science and art , in fact, the two concepts , only genuine knowledge and technology to achieve a certain degree of success, coupled with the line thousands of miles , traveling, to have real knowledge and insight , I think, to that time , will have a real academic . And now people are missing , it is estimated that this so-called insight and practice it. If only the frogs , but also the helpless .

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So since I actually think some time ago , I wrote a Master "line is willing to phase -owned ," the true meaning of it.

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