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Caosheng calligrapher Zhang Xu: not madness not survive

Zhang Xu local " cursive quote poetry four volume" ( see Figure edition title ) Tang ( 618-907 ) colored letterhead of the vertical 29.1 cm , horizontal 195.2 cm Liaoning Provincial Museum

LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan

( Partial ) Licheng Mao "Lin Yuanxiu tu" Northern Song Dynasty ( 960 -1127 ) Ink on silk 45.2 cm vertical , horizontal 143.2 cm Liaoning Provincial Museum


( Partial ) Yang Weizhen Zhang Shi " regular script Wen Ying Chuan epitaph and poetry volume" Yuan ( 1271-1368 ) ink and color on silk ( section a ) 25.8 cm vertical , horizontal 191 cm ; ( section two ) vertical 25.9 cm , cross 86.2 cm ; ( section three ) vertical 25.8 cm , horizontal 145.9 cm Liaoning Provincial Museum

Open the " cursive poetry four posts ."


Yang Kuang Zhang Xu , a generation of " Caosheng " also madness


The reporter Lin Shao Qing


Emperor years, Ye County . Zhang Xu Wu states who often come here to watch Gongsun aunt 's " River Sword " dance.


Gongsun aunt lithe agility agile , vigorous dancing , swords flying up and down , flickering . Zhang Xu attentively concerned , between the advance and retreat , one by one , all fascinated him .


One day, after dancing sword , the crowd dispersed, Zhang Xu still immersed for a long time . Suddenly , it was the world known as "Zhang Britain " of the people , such as realized something, dancing , flying home. After waiting, the call to go mad , put pen to paper in a book .


He seemed to be turned into a pen in their hands Gongsun aunt 's sword, while rotating the turn , sometimes as Tigers down , sometimes like water dragon , unpredictable , flamboyant , high spirits .


Decades later , at a banquet, to recover the ancient poet Du Fu ask this , I think the concept of Gongsun aunt sword dance at a young age , is also remembered from "Formerly of Wu Zhang Xu , good cursive posts , the number often see in Ye County Gongsun aunt River sword dance , since cursive grow , Hao Dang grateful that Kung- known men . " legend.


People today do not see Gongsun aunt sword dance , but still have the opportunity to witness Zhang Xu ink.leroy neiman rocky


" Cursive poetry four posts ," the only one remaining world Zhang Xu ink, this spring , we approached the legendary band -like era.


Zhang Xu , does not survive madness


Zhang Xu 's about madness , too many legends.


Said he liked to drink , and often drunk after a call to go mad , put pen to paper in a book , and even hair brush dipped in ink for writing, so we gave him a nickname , called " Zhang epilepsy ."


" Four posts cursive Poems " appeared in the contemporary field of vision , the first should be in the early 1950s , as Mr. Fan Wenlan illustration " Chinese history" book . " Chinese history" in the " Cultural Revolution" is very popular around the time people like calligraphy will notice this illustration .


Zhang Xu Cursive writing with the four Southern Dynasties poetry and Yu Xin Xie Lingyun , the ups and downs and orderly, crazy cursive formation of a groundbreaking contribution. A total of 40 full- line posts , 188 words , the paper is rare "colored memo ."


But this piece is not inscribed and seals , so the authenticity of the Song Dynasty after suffering controversy . As the quote in the " King" dig into "book ", which becomes " Xie Lingyun book" , has been mistaken for the early Southern Song Xie Lingyun book.


Has spread to the Ming Dynasty, Dong Qichang after work stroke of the pen , Tiba said it was Zhang Xu works and commented it : . " There cliff fall , pelting rain whirlwind of potential"


This has become a detective , so far are inconclusive in academia , four Qi Gong , Xu Banda , Ink ,Renkai Yang so have had papers. The four are members of the national painting Mr. identified five groups , is the number one authority , but they hold exactly the opposite view : Qi Gong , Mr. Xu Bangda think this post is not written by Zhang Xu ; Ink , Mr. Yang Renkai Mo Zhang Xu believes that the non- post office . And Mr. Xiong Bingming According to his research , also wrote " cursive Fourth suspect Zhang Xu is a temporary post this " article .


Professor, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts in Contemporary cursive everyone Wang Dongling opinion, this piece is about the history of Chinese calligraphy studies major node of the work , however , so he had several years of this attention and research , and specifically with a " Zhang Xu < poetry four > Exploration . "


In 1995 , Wang Dongling Shenyang National Youth Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition review, and finally for the first time to see the original. " This piece was also a lot of negative voices , I read much admiration , Zhang Xu more convinced that it is authentic , I feel it Kuanbo stretch of the guitar body , spirit and unrestrained Hao longitudinal strength fertilizer rich pen, Zhang Xu, a vein in line Cursive style , Song is write to the . good works, like an expert , do not speak, his aura , the atmosphere is completely different . "


Anyway, this piece is the only one currently known to survive in the world of Zhang Xu ink. " If you deny this post , then Zhang Xu is no longer authentic in the world ."


Warren Zhang Xu appeared , perhaps only in the Tang Dynasty .


The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of Chinese calligraphy art development in promoting pro Taizong Li Shimin 's forces , Wang Xizhi , Wang Xianzhi son of two books wind has been considerable development. After the Tang Dynasty , a number comparable to the two kings emerged as par calligrapher Ouyang Xun , Yu Shinan , Yen Chen , Liu public rights . They uphold the traditional ink and Beiban double since the Wei and Jin , gradually break through calligraphy Wen Tong Yan Wang Miao , steering testimonies guarded style.


Among these, the Yen Chen , Kai Liu public rights, and Zhang Xu , Huai Su cursive , especially the significance of the times in which Zhang Xu brushwork with subtlety and uninhibited temperament , creating a wild cursive style model , respectfully as "grass Holy . "


Chinese calligraphy discussed later on in Europe, Yu , Chu , Yan, Liu , vegetarian , etc. are no judgments , only for Zhang Xu are all amazed , which is unique in the history of art .


Li Cheng , par Daozi


In the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Cheng , Fan Kuan and off with and known as the " three Ding Zhi ", was evaluated Li Cheng , "where whoever said to be the ancient landscape first," his landscapes and figures Daozi par .


Li Cheng artistic impact on future generations of great landscape painter , put into a new phase of Li Cheng School painter , the period is Ancestor Painting of famous Guo Xi .


Li Cheng 's " Maolin Yuanxiu map" , the boat moored near crossing , pedestrians traveling between the meantime ; distant palace clouds, tower shadow looming .


About Li Cheng 's work , due to the earlier era , few works handed down , coupled with his reputation heyday , after so many scholars whose work on the real to the enemy at that time . The so-called Li Cheng 's work , spread so far who has a lot of controversy .


Painting " Maolin Yuanxiu tu" no inscription, the offspring collectors are also based on the rear of the Southern Song Dynasty scroll to the ice , the Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Ni Zan张天骏three inscriptions , and its author as Li Cheng . But then the appraiser also have different views .


Due to the ice in the Southern Song Dynasty, the famous connoisseur of inscriptions , says this photo shows the Northern Song made ​​, so that many works have been seen as a popular thread , the only credible Li Cheng authentic.


This piece after Chia Ssu Song , Yuan Shu fresh in Ming Xiang Yuanbian other celebrities collection , into the Qing government, the collection of a hundred multi- imprinting .


Yang Weizhen , create a " troubled gas"


Yuan and Ming Yang Weizhen is an artist , born in Zhejiang Zhuji Maple an official career home. His good poetry , painting and drama , especially workers cursive. Zhejiang Normal University Fine Arts Professor Yang Yang Wei Zhen Seoul is research specialist , but also his descendants .


Yang Weizhen known in cursive , surviving lower case only this one , the Italian state Elegant , subtle square off with the Yuan Dynasty in the circle , represented by Zhao Wanli live very different style , is an important basis for study of Young's regular script .


Yang Weizhen Although high accomplishment, but it is not always smooth career , after efforts to no avail , fifty -year-old Yang Weizhen traces the landscape, indulging in sensual Poem from idealistic Officials hope to be able to indulge a good sensual romantic prodigal son . Such twists and unique life encounters, intentionally or unintentionally, which is reflected in his calligraphy .


At that time , with Yang Weizhen as the center , forming a group of Soochow writer , literary thought characteristic of this group is individuality , eclectic, innovative divergent .


Late Yuan Wu, also the center of town literati painting , Huang Kung-wang , Ni Zan , Wang Meng were living there , Yang Weizhen frequent contact with them , poetry and creative , respected each other , influence each other, and forged a profound friendship. Advocating literati painting is impressionistic lyrical , crazy kind of majestic big Jane distant style, the kind of show steep Yunlin Majesty 's frame , but also affect Earlier Ming Dynasty calligraphy creation, so Yang Weizhen unique pictorial calligraphy , sometimes melancholy urgent , sometimes elegant pull strength .


Yuan Dynasty, Zhao Meng formed the world are learning the situation , but the lack of surface Zhao word is magnified even more , the book winds becoming sweet ripe , mediocrity and monotony . Yang Weizhen pretending crosswise then created a distorted , bend strength Peculiar , chaos head coarse clothing " troubled gas" calligraphy . Undoubtedly, this " chaotic gas" Calligraphy is a refraction of social unrest psychosocial people uneasy and contradictory . On Yang Weizhen subjective , but is since Chao, sweet cooked, mediocre calligraphy and commented on and criticized .


Earlier Ming Dynasty calligraphy , but also to the Ming and Qing Dynasties main performance , heavy personality calligrapher enlighten a precedent . His calligraphy may not be able to learn as role models , we can not learn calligraphy impact on future generations , the main significance lies in style . Ming after calligraphers such as Xu Wei , Zhu Zhi Shan , Zhang Rui figure , Ni Yuanlu , ecliptic week , Wang Duo , Fu Shan even Eccentrics so they created their own unique personality calligraphy style , one on the gleaming Star Chinese calligraphy , but also to future generations of calligraphers touted a new aesthetic ideal .leroy neiman prints

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