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There's nothing wrong Manet

Edouard Manet ( 1832-1883 ) really make academic painter in Paris felt the position for their art works pose challenges and threats , not just well known that two , that painting in 1863 "Olympia " leroy neiman prints

And " Luncheon on the Grass ." Earlier, in a private exhibition organized by Manet's cafe , hanging out of their Manet total of fourteen works, including " Valencia came from Laura ," " street singer ", " Le push in the garden concert "etc.. From these paintings , academic apologists who saw a " grossly undermines our notion of painting ," the artist . For example, in " the garden Douri in concert " in Manet abandon a detailed account of the circumstances of the painter preferred the traditional way , using only drawn to the lines and colors on the canvas , it showed the depths of colorful gardens and dense and lively crowd .


Of course , caused the most criticism or " Olympia " and " Luncheon on the Grass ." In 1865, the "Olympia" exhibition on display at the Autumn Salon , academics call it "Venus and Black Cat ," and even then a friend of the painter Gustave Courbet or Manet , will also be likened to the painting of the woman " the Queen of spades has just bathed . " Jiehen cynicism seems not enough people and put it on a door hanging high in the rearmost Exhibition , in order to make the audience " see where is the bare part , where a pile of clothes ." At that time , Cezanne was not without sympathy , wrote: "The audience constantly look at Manet's painting Chung and disgust and said , ' Behold the man ' , like exposure to the morgue as well." This painting was rebuked to ignore the moral and immoral .


Only rich sense novelist Zola out as Manet defense . Zola explicitly said: " There's nothing wrong Manet but he told us the truth ! ." Zola believes that many artists have Venus in the painting of the model has been modified , " making them cheat " but Manet painting saying the truth . " Why do not you tell the truth it? He put us in Olympia today introduced the girl gave us , so we often met the girl on the sidewalk , she flat light , faded wool shawl wrapped his own thin shoulders up . "


Manet painting inspiration from Astruc 's poem " island girl ." Rose spring and early summer season, dusk , Olympia woke up , lazy Banwo on the soft comfort of the couch , fondly stroking his smooth skin . A black cat , at the foot of the lazy girl's waist God . A black maid , is holding a large bouquet of flowers and send them . That should be a gracious suitors asked her to send incoming . But the girl was wayward and haughty disdain to accept. Her eyes a hint of confusion and frustration , and with a hint of contempt . This wire contempt not only for the many suitors , but dedicated to the painter Manet throughout the whole painting is boring ...... chiaroscuro technique with a large area of ​​unusually accomplished Paris : dark walls, maid , black cats , more to bring out the body's bright, ruddy and beautiful on the couch , this bright beauty , like bright flowers maid hands . Some art critics say that this painting is no clear outline , from a distance looked very angry painted the painting . And that is the art of Manet 's rebellion against tradition and innovation .LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan


Manet obviously very grateful Zola solidarity and support for him . A few years later , he was holding a book Zola drew a portrait . Interestingly, in the portrait background , Manet deliberately placed his painting " Olympia" and a Japanese ukiyo-e . These two things are Manet favorite . Manet 's paintings suffered a deep impact on the Japanese ukiyo-e . This portrait declared to the world their friendship , prompted the authors to give one a great painter adversity in the spiritual and moral support and help.


Let's look at " Luncheon on the Grass ." Manet depicted is on the outskirts of Paris , the Seine River in the woods and meadows to rest a few Parisians . This picture provides a novel form of expression in the human body, including PIP nude in a landscape painted in bright sunlight , and the performance of dazzling color and clarity of the excellent weather conditions and possible attempts . But many people do not understand Manet's courage and positive sense of innovation in the arts . They still think it is immoral . They do not see the painting lyrical pastoral scenery and fresh air , rap artist should not just blindly at young people dressed in modern clothing arranged next to a naked woman . Brutal criticism to make Manet achievement temporarily overshadowed . This is clearly a shadow on the screen than Manet extremely sparingly painted a pale shadow of shallow much to strong .


But Manet ultimately did not compromise with the conservative faction Fun College , also did not give away his artistic principles and concepts to cater to middle-class taste . He continued to face the reality of his own , exploring the courage and conscience of truth to understand the world , treating art. His fresh and innovative approach, actively exploring the courage earned some respect and support of young artists . Later , these young painters of the bravest and most talented temperament who made ​​great strides towards the direction of the Impressionists . After becoming the Impressionists , Manet they almost regarded as their inspirer .


We can see from Fantan · sudden pull Seoul "Buddy Emanuel 's studio ", the Manet with a group of young artists to follow his scene together . Among those who are being penned painting , that is Manet .


Manet's many works, often appears a face the same woman. " Olympia ", " Luncheon on the Grass " and " railway" , "wearing matador costume Weikeduoli · Imran Miss" and so on. The woman is then painters Manet and many like to use the model Weikeduoli · Imran . In 1862 Manet painted a portrait of her .


In Manet 's life , the character has been a central theme of his paintings . But he also painted many landscapes, painted misty sea, painted Venetian canals , and even painted flags fluttering Mengni Ai Street. In the Franco-Prussian War , when the German siege of Paris , he even served as a gunner protection Paris. Paris Commune period, he painted the performance of the executioner 's bloody suppression of the commune members " barricade " and other works , he was elected to the absence among the Revolutionary Artists Association . In 1882, a year before his death Manet , painted a " Lu Ai villa ", which is the last of his life in a landscape , in my opinion , is the most beautiful one .leroy neiman rocky

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