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Hun Yuan Tai Chi magic pile

Do you believe the gas it? Do you believe that practicing tai chi outlet static pile function do ? If you do not believe , then you would never believe with Tai Chi static static stance within ten minutes will be able to get angry teeth to eliminate pain . These things happen to them , if not , I will not believe , because it seems too incredible. But I want to tell you that this is true, I can guarantee their own personality , I described below , in addition to the time on the accuracy of the events is quite different , but no one raved , all on his own experience and experience.leroy neiman prints

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Seeking treatment recipe, fortunately lasting bonds with tai chi

Yet reached forty people , all kinds of problems began to emerge. At first is now thirsty, the body begins after weight loss, general weakness, even a single case of hand-held tea bottles are not also often appears , and then frequently appear toothache , gingival inflammation than long , and soon have two fangs to bite . The most troubling is that insomnia , insomnia almost every day , all night , insomnia , nightmares continue . 1997 Spring Festival, the home of the theft , but also suffering from a strange disease , inexplicable fear, a man afraid to sleep at night , if only one person to sleep, the lights must be overnight . I am a psychology graduate education , I know this is a mental illness , but he is not freed. My gut is also a problem, Hay has long shapeless, eat food shops also have oil out . In 2007 , when I clean the home squatting too long, when suddenly standing right leg at the knee pain , from down the root cause , hair several times a year , each time you send pain, the lame walk , sleep lying down feet Shinya not the volume is not, more than a week , it is painful. I know my body has a serious problem, and I do not even know what the disease was about , but I do not want to suffer in silence to the hospital to check. Until 2007 I'll love to Chongqing Southwest hospital, she insists I have to check , I said no investigation is certainly diabetes , the results of the hospital examination confirmed my judgment. Sure there are other disease, I did not continue the investigation, I do not want to find out bigger problems .

Know they have diabetes , they seek to cure the drug everywhere , when completely disappointed , simply do not cure , I thought better to find another way out. Fortunately, I moved to a nearby stadium, where many older people every day in practice tai chi, watching them dancing figure, new hope in my heart slowly rising , I thought practicing tai chi may make it healthy again . Want to practice and learn to fit them together to face . Until February 2009 , borrowed from the Sang Chun-ying lover , Sun Yat-sen was compiled the " fitness cultivation tai chi ," a book from the mother at my treasure , put it down , my living room at home, according to the narrow picture above only took three days to learn the 24 -style Taijiquan , a month later learned Taijiquan 42 , I started to go outside to practice alone , but later found online teaching tai chi , I quickly learned on the Internet and 48 style Taijiquan . I join them together in practice , and easily learned 88 Tai Chi . A few months later , my fist level has more than most people. Just as I was complacent for their own advancement , when a disaster suddenly upon us . October 2009 , I burst myocardial infarction, which is a complication of diabetes caused by many years . When the doctor asked me to fight insulin hospital , I still refused, I believe the only way out is my only Taiji rehabilitation .


Perseverance hard plus savvy , blessed stretch through the whole body

Shortly after discharge , I insist on work while practicing tai chi . I am a very perseverance , it is able to endure hardship and the pursuit of a better person , I have always liked martial arts, martial arts dream to have a good , although there has been no contact martial arts, but this dream buried Cangzaixinli total . When I first saw the web master Chen Zheng Lei Chen Style Taijiquan exercise video, it was his elegant stretch , hardness and softness Quanshi fascinated . I immediately realized that this is my fight tai chi , I decided it must train well . I spent almost all of his spare time is avidly watching Master Chen Zheng Lei video , less than a month to learn the way of the old frame , six months later learned the old frame two . Although the movement failed, but I practiced very seriously , every day at 5 o'clock in the morning I got more than 7:00 . Be a few months later, I feel no progress, I began to read theoretical articles in the online aspect of tai chi , the total number of words in the minds of cloud around ; " gas line to Italy to air transport body ", " intended to air to form with " ...... one word caught my attention , and that is the" gas . " Gas really do ? How to get gas fast ? Some words have inspired me: " do not practice boxing old futile ", "100 practicing good as a stand ." How to practice ? I went online searching , finally I saw Chen Tai Chi master basic skills training videos, decided to choose one of the Hun Yuan Tai Chi exercises pile .

  LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan

Probably from the beginning of the 2010 Spring Festival Zhan Zhuang practice every day around 17:00 punctual proceed. Beginning to feel very hard, station less than 15 minutes on foot pain bladder acid , stopped feeling the same time , less than 20 minutes and stopped , was particularly dull . The most annoying is the tongue against the palate is immune to do , swallowing saliva also become difficult, especially difficult is not meditation, always want the West to the East . Persist for a while after see no effect , they begin to wonder whether there really exists gas , but also an excuse to give up some time. Then I thought of the ancients would cheat us? Oh, no, it should be their perseverance is not enough. So they continue to practice Zhan Zhuang , was constantly told myself to adhere to adhere to adhere to , this is their only hope. So bravely stood three or four months , did not see much effect , but some long- standing , one can stand 30 minutes , but the tongue against the palate able to fully get into quiet , which can basically be able to reach a tiny voice scared the daylights out of the degree . During occasional feeling of ants crawling on hand body , but always time to time. Finally one day, I just stood less than 10 minutes , especially on the shoulders feel soreness, I think the reason is tired , but after a few minutes, shoulder soreness does not look loose , and took another 10 minutes , elbow soreness began , had a moment and disappeared . At this point I realized that the long-awaited thing until finally . Since then my interest in higher Zhan Zhuang , the time the station is also getting longer , always let the gas from the shoulder to the elbow before it stopped over the wrist , sometimes up to twelve hours . After about a month , one day , I still Spontaneous gas to insist . After a child , suddenly felt cold all of a sudden the left hand , did not seem to feel it. I was so worried that his hand was possible remnant , found that when the power to be received nothing , know that this is the left hand through the air . It took more than a month right hand through. It then I read a lot of articles on the Internet about tai chi and qigong , which Chen Zheng Lei tai chi and qigong master on the relationship of the video makes me very enlightening , I know gas is too dangerous hole jade pillow , so every time I stand when the pile to prevent any interference with regard himself in the bedroom . When it was neck soreness at the time , knowing that the gas has to be especially careful jade pillow on a day when Zhan Zhuang about a week after nearly two hours , a sudden burst of fried scalp , neck relaxed about the change , I know passed the most dangerous one off . Zhan Zhuang from the beginning to the air over the jade pillow in about a year's time . Strange to say , since then, when Zhan Zhuang is not so afraid of the sound , so in order to avoid boring, I tried listening to TV while Zhan Zhuang , the results right. It makes me very happy , since it has been using this approach to Zhan Zhuang practice.

After the process of Zhan Zhuang has appeared in some very wonderful experience , was initially appears many hold the ball with both hands feeling , sometimes the ball is floating , sometimes sinking , sometimes external expansion , and sometimes it is received within . I think this should be feeling generated when the gas has passed hands it symmetrically . Particularly amazing is always cyclical sudden emergence of watery stuff filled up from the pubic region , which had joint pain at the sudden disappeared. After a period of time, some of the parts of the body feeling alternately appear inflatable , such as the nose, tongue, eyes, ears , teeth, Yintang , fingers, nails. Pain in the left eye also appeared , at that time I was terrified , but 10 minutes later the pain disappeared, only to realize that I had left over due to complications of diabetes fat inflammation , the doctor said there grow new blood vessels . I guess when you pass gas may be encountered obstacles caused by eye . Then one day again feeling the genitals of air over a little strange when it reaches the anus , really big poop that day a lot of blood , and then three days in a row . With the previous experience I'm not so afraid, I know the reason hemorrhoids . It took about a day in January , Zhan Zhuang a little from time to time , severe pain in the right knee , I knew it was caused by inflammation of the knee . Sure enough, ten minutes after the pain gradually reduce and disappear after a week the pain is no longer essential . Gas through knee probably in summer 2012 , shortly springs Department also slowly with feeling, later also appeared toenails inflatable phenomenon . With gas getting full, before those of local feeling is gone, and practice the process of getting a wonderful feeling , but can not use the exact language to describe it, only to feel the air getting stronger , chest and abdominal diaphragm like a piston , constantly drawn to the pubic region of the gas and pressure to the body , the belly of the great pressure , Portrait of a gas filled balloon as it sometimes makes me secretly worried , afraid of pressure over the General Assembly is not a problem . February 2013 gas has entered the viscera, stomach, pancreas, liver qi at the process there had been unwell . Today I just entered the practice state gas immediately able to reach the fingertips , less than five minutes the air was filled with various local body.


Mutual air boxing skill increases , the body healthy and happy return

Zhan Zhuang progress further stimulate interest in boxing every day to get up before 5:00 , Old Frame hit 2 times 2 times 18 -style play , the old frame two hit 3 of 5 times, and they often fight with boxing faithful 24 type, 42 type, 48 type, 88 type all over again. Rain or shine , holidays endlessly. 2011 summer I learned a new way to frame new frame Road , 2012 Spring learned Chen style Taiji gun . Some time ago , less than 20 days , and has learned to Chen Style Tai Chi Sword 49 style , 23 style Tai Chi sword . Gas early pass the time, completely unable to combine gas and punches , when Zhan Zhuang did not have much feeling gas and boxing , over a long period of time before the fight midway through the hands of 88 -style gas appears weak sense , slowly geogas feeling more powerful, and has 48 type, 42 type, old Frame has been found in the air feeling. Later all the way boxing have emerged , and getting stronger , and I think this must be due to static stance of help . Now I'm boxing a potential gas from almost covered the whole body , the whole body feels like filled with very heavy as lead after 5 minutes . When tray into boxing breathing consciously and must use exactly the reverse abdominal breathing when breathing and Zhan Zhuang qi . At the same time , I feel more relaxed than boxing but more difficult, because as more and more full body of gas , pressure needs growing, the burden on the pubic region will naturally heavier.

With the rapid advances in air punches , the body constantly in rehabilitation . Knee arthritis , hemorrhoids , gingivitis never made ​​a long series of diabetes symptoms disappeared , and can not stand before the hungry, hungry on a cold sweat , dizziness, does not appear for a long time now , more and more people feel the spirit , and even singing for years disappeared from the mouth when not issued . More amazing is that autumn day in 2012 , from the morning tooth hurts , together with colleagues at night to eat out , eat halfway pain No, Zhan Zhuang home I tried to solve the pain. Started when gas from the breathing sensor with very strong teeth , teeth and more pain, then I realized the way with sparse gas certainly useful . Meanwhile think not pain , pain is not the principle , dental pain is definitely blocked, it should open the encircling walls of the air evacuation . But where to evacuate it? Pubic region , pubic region was only accommodate a lot lower , so I keep the air toward the pubic region . With gas again sinking teeth with induction , pain slowly slowed . Suddenly, all of a sudden loose teeth , pain gone, the teeth are no longer with the induction of breath . I just look at the time took 10 minutes. At first I think it was just a coincidence, but later had two toothache, I'm still the same way to eliminate it, and none more than 10 minutes of time , so I fully believe the magic of gas.

Gas, the controversial wording , in some people it seems purely non-existent , is someone trick, or simply an illusion chi man simply does not exist . Some masters even mention gas is also said to be metaphysics . Whenever I see or hear some say, at first I always felt rather bad taste , want to argue with them about it, but then I finally figured out, helpful , you can convince him to do, he does not have a nice gas experience , you say you have gas , you can see and touch , how you let him believe you ? No wonder the real masters who chose to remain silent in these useless war of words , which is really a wise move !

Taijiquan is the way I am a novice , and it has not yet started. I know that if there is no clear division pointers , to really master the mysteries of tai chi is very difficult. My age and physical condition also determines how high attainments that he will not in this regard . But whatever I want to do some exploring in tai chi, gas and health.

I will firmly keep going !

leroy neiman rocky

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