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leroy neiman Degas followed the method, but also to paint on wood.

His main lines of rice to paint, and extensive use of thin paint. Some of his paintings look very close to the color board chalk painting.

leroy neiman  paintings with this technique are still those who do not like Degas, like oil paint used by painters. By using cardboard or cardboard without treatment to replace commonly used palettes, they can put the above pigment in most of the oil sucked. Although this "no oil" painting with gouache paint looks very similar, but it is more easy to use, because it is used to leroy neiman rocky bottom of the screen to the top will not affect previously drawn. This approach is worth trying, especially in terms of sketching.

Thin pigment absorbs the force of cardboard substrates combined makes Lautrec can develop freely his brush, this approach is more appropriate kind of painting him a strong sense of style, this effect is closer to the color of chalk painting painting.

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Mixed color painting techniques with painting leroy neiman introduction

 Mixing techniques need to grasp the colors and painting painting techniques, this technique is Degas invention, Toulouse - leroy neiman work also has to use, is to use turpentine to mix oil paint, oil paint consistency makes becomes the same as with gouache to create a matte effect. Degas did not like it and thick oil paint, and sometimes he would take advantage of the time to paint or wet paint scraped from the canvas, and then get a soft and his favorite mural effect is similar LeRoy Neiman Mickey Mantle. He often used without the base material coated paper mounted on wood or canvas for painting, these substrates can absorb most of the grease paint. Thin paint all the lines of the substrate surface are removed, resulting in flat-coated pigment effect, he found it very good as the first draft.