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Dot painting techniques

Point - the point from the beginning of the public law, leroy neiman prints of all strokes are starting at the point. Back in leroy neiman

techniques, the pointillism technique is important - kind of performance level. In leroy neiman works LeRoy Neiman Basketball is also used to

express a point of strokes and objects flickering light texture. Impressionist point crayons law became one of its basic characteristics, but

Monet, Renoir and Pissarro, etc., each having a different point of law changes and personality. New Impressionist then go to the extreme,

mechanically points as its only brushwork. Modern Realism paintings have followed to the point density to produce shades that can cause the

transition certainly not rigid. Comprehensive approach point in drawing lines and decent combined with rich contrast can be generated, with

different shapes and textures of oil paints but also produce different spots strokes, on the performance of some of the texture of the object can

play a unique role.

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