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2 big benefits of printing enterprises to implement ERP management

1 to enhance the management level

Before the implementation of the ERP, the company 's management are relying on " a mouth ", " two legs ", " pen ", " leroy neiman rocky", " a

calculator " inefficient. While in the process of implementing ERP, encountered some resistance , employee ideas and work hard to change habits ,

but in high-level attention and joint efforts of all staff , after a brief period of suffering pains , companies ushered in a new revolution

specific performance challenges over the years for the business operation of inertia , can no longer ignore the original intention to ignore the

regulatory loopholes , some people had the exclusive information must now be shared out , and ultimately improve the enterprise management level

to a new level .

2 production efficiency

Before the implementation of ERP, an order from billing to the leroy neiman prints production , storage to go through a lot of processes, but each process is to write

their own , some with Word, some with Excel, a lot of content are also repeated , wasted a lot of manpower and energy efficiency is extremely low.

After the implementation of the ERP, as long as a single member of all the information received orders to fill out , and will need to be made in

response to the contents of the drop-down menu in the software, as long as each department 's response to the subsequent process . This response

is more timely , clear every step of production , truly information sharing efficiency.

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